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The Department of Purchasing & Contract Compliance will only accept responses to Quotes and Invitation To Bid for Commodities (ITBC) electronically using our on-line Vendor Self Service system. You must be a registered vendor in order to respond to Quotes or ITBCs. We look forward to doing business with your firm.

Issue Date 30 Jan 2018
Due Date 12 Feb 2018 @ 2:00pm
Project Title Interior Plant Maintenance
Description The Fulton County Department of Purchasing is soliciting e-quotes from qualified vendors to provide Interior Plant Maintenance Services for the Department of Real Estate and Asset Management.
Project ID 18KM111128C
Category Professional Services
Team C
Solicitation Document Interior Plant Maintenance
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Addendum 5
Sign In Sheet
Dept Alias Department of Real Estate and Asset Management
Type Quote
Bid Contact Keisha Massey, Procurement Officer
Contact Email
Contact Phone FAX
Tabulation Sheet TAB 18KM111682C.pdf
Award Recipient(s) The Peddler Group, Inc. $22,605.00
Award Recipient(s)
Award Recipient(s)
Cancellation Letter
Award Date 15 Feb 2018
Last Update 30 Jan 2018
Status Archived