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Issue Date 20 Feb 2018
Due Date 19 Mar 2018 @ 11:00am
Project Title Air Handling Unit Replacements at Justice Center Complex
Description The Scope of Work is to replace six (6) AHUs on the 7th, 8th and 9th floors in the JCC. The work shall consist, in general of the following: a. Demolition of (6) existing air handling units within the Fulton County Justice Center Complex; b. Coordination Drawings for the replacement of the demolished air handling units; c. Installation of the replacement air handling units; d. Disconnecting and reconnecting of electrical connections for the replacement air handling units; e. Adding an electrical circuit for each air handling unit for the provision of power to ultraviolet lighting within replaced air handling unit. Each new electrical circuit to have all appurtenances necessary for a fully functioning and code compliant electrical circuit; f. Provide transition sheet metal to extend medium pressure ductwork to the air handling unit for a fully sealed duct system from existing duct through connection to air handling unit; g. Test and Balance activities for each new replacement air handling unit; h. Control devices are being provided under a separate contract; and i. Work performed on site will conform to requirements of available times as stipulated by Fulton County Project Managers. The detailed scope of work and technical specifications are outlined in the Project Manual Construction Document Package, which may be found in Section 10, Exhibits and Scope of Work of this bid document.
Project ID 18ITB021318K-EC
Category Construction
Team K
Solicitation Document Air Handling Unit Replacements at Justice Center Complex
Addendum 1 ONE 18ITB021318K-EC.pdf
Addendum 2 TWO 18ITB021318K-EC.pdf
Addendum 3 THREE 18ITB021318K-EC.pdf
Addendum 4
Addendum 5
Sign In Sheet Attendees 18ITB021318K-EC.pdf
Dept Alias Department of Real Estate and Asset Management
Type Bid
Bid Contact Elsa Castro, APA
Contact Email
Contact Phone
Tabulation Sheet TAB 18ITB021318K-EC.pdf
Award Recipient(s) 5 Seasons Mechanical, LLC (Peachtree Corners, GA) $463,857.00
Award Recipient(s)
Award Recipient(s)
Cancellation Letter
Award Date 18 Apr 2018
Last Update 20 Apr 2018
Notes BOC Award Date: April 18, 2018 BOC Item #: 18-0278
Status Archived