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Issue Date 06 Jul 2018
Due Date 15 Aug 2018 @ 11:00am
Project Title Installation/Replacement of Drinking Water Fountains
Description Fulton County, Georgia "County" seeks to contract with a vendor to provide installation/replacement of drinking water fountains in the Justice Center Complex. The detailed scope of work and technical specifications are outlined in the Scope of Work, Section 4 of this bid document.
Project ID 18ITB114047C-BKJ
Category Goods
Team C
Solicitation Document Installation/Replacement of Drinking Water Fountains
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Addendum 4
Addendum 5
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Dept Alias Department of Real Estate and Asset Management
Type Bid
Bid Contact Brian K. Jones, APA
Contact Email
Contact Phone FAX
Tabulation Sheet TAB 18ITB114047C-BKJ.pdf
Award Recipient(s) Brad Construction $50,800.00 BOC #18-0736
Award Recipient(s)
Award Recipient(s)
Cancellation Letter
Award Date 12 Oct 2018
Last Update 06 Jul 2018
Status Archived