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Issue Date 11 Jan 2019
Due Date 15 Feb 2019 @ 11:00am
Project Title Animal Services Facility Feasibility Study
Description Fulton County, Georgia (“County”) is seeking qualified architectural firms, with substantial knowledge and experience in planning and design of city- and/or county-operated animal services facilities to provide a feasibility study for the County’s planned new animal services facility. This initiative may lead to the design and construction phase services. The primary objective for this project is to assess the overall needs of the County’s animal services, evaluate the feasibility of a new modern facility; in order to meet the future and long-term needs of Fulton County in its efforts to support animal care services, promote animal health and wellbeing, encourage public visits and interaction and increase and improve animal adoptions
Project ID 19RFP09920019K-JAJ
Category Professional Services
Team K
Solicitation Document Animal Services Facility Feasibility Study
Addendum 1 ONE-19RFP0992019K-JAJ.pdf
Addendum 2 TWO-19RFP0992019K-JAJ.pdf
Addendum 3 THREE-19RFP0992019K-JAJ.pdf
Addendum 4 FOUR-19RFP0992019K-JAJ.pdf
Addendum 5
Dept Alias Department of Real Estate and Asset Management
Type RFP
Bid Contact James A. Jones
Contact Email
Contact Phone 404-612-5818
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Award Date
Last Update 12 Feb 2019
Notes The County will hold a Pre-Proposal Conference, on January 24,2019 at 11:00 the Purchasing Bid Conference Room of the Department of Purchasing, Fulton County Public Safety Building, Suite 1168, 130 Peachtree Street, S.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30303. Attendance at the Pre-Proposal Conference is voluntary for responding to this RFP; however Proposers are encouraged to attend. The purpose of the Pre-Proposal Conference is to provide information regarding the project and to address any questions and concerns regarding the services sought by the County through this RFP. A visit to the existing facility is scheduled for January 30, 2019 at 11:00A.M.
Status Open