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Federally Qualified Health CentersFulton_County_Icon

Food Expenditures and Diet Quality Among Low-Income Households and Individuals
J. Mabli, L. Castner, J. Ohls, M. K. Fox,  M.K. Crepinsek,  E. Condon.  Mathematica Policy Research. July 2009

NPU-V Health Scan
Mosaic Group. Prepared for the Atlanta Civic Site and the Annie E Casey Foundation.  July, 2009.

Snapshots from the Kitchen Table: Family Budgets and Health Care
The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured. February 2009.

Use of Quality Management Methods in Transition from Effacicios Prevention Programs to Effective Preventative Services
V. Smith-Daniels, I. Sandler. American Journal of Community Psychology. March 2008.

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