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Behavioral health treatment services for participants in the Fulton County DUI Court Program are held at the state-of-the-art Center for Health & Rehabilitation, located at 265 Boulevard, NE, in Atlanta.


The Fulton County DUI Court Program is a post-conviction treatment program for those who have multiple DUI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or other intoxicants) convictions.  

It is part of the probation portion of a DUI sentence.   Offenders must be ordered to participate by the State Court as a condition of their probation.   Participants must complete a Clinical Evaluation by a DHR certified Clinical Evaluator, who recommends the appropriate level of treatment.        

The DUI Treatment Program offers Level 0.5 (Early Intervention Services/Hybrid) and Level 1 DUI Treatment.     The length of each program is as follows:

  • Level 0.5 Early Intervention/Hybrid Program - The Hybrid Program is a 30 week program. ¬† All participants must attend the program for 12 weeks, three times weekly. ¬† Participants are assessed after completion of 12 weeks by the treatment team. ¬† Upon recommendation of the DUI Court, participants may progress to the 18 week psycho-educational program for the remaining 18 weeks, meeting twice per week. ¬† ¬† ¬†
  • Level 1: This program provides four 12-week phases for a maximum of 9 hours per week.

Outside of the Hybrid Program,  DUI Treatment is designed to be a minimum of 12 months to two years.   Length of treatment is dependent on the individual's progress and level of participation.   The Treatment Team can recommend a higher level of care.   Participants would be referred to the appropriate provider for follow-up services.

Mandatory random breathalyzers and urine drug screens are provided during treatment.   Participants are required to attend a minimum of three 12-step (or otherwise approved recovery support group) meetings per week and obtain a sponsor.

For more information about the Fulton County DUI Court Program, please contact Julia Foster-Batth, Behavioral Health Program Manager, at (404) 613-6361.                  



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