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How will You know if you have a Sexually Transmitted Infection? | Print |

Many people have STIs with no symptoms, you can be infected without knowing it.

If you have symptoms, you may notice any of the following signs of STIs:

For Females

  • unusual discharge or smell from vagina
  • itching and burning around your vagina
  • pain in your pelvic area
  • bleeding from the vagina that is not part of the regular period
  • pain deep inside the vagina during sex

For Males

  • discharge or drip from the penis

For Males and Females

  • burning and pain on urination or bowel movement
  • sores, bumps or blisters around sex organs, anus or mouth
  • need to urinate often
  • itching around the sex organs
  • swelling or redness in the throat
  • flu-like feelings with fever, chills and aches
  • swelling around the sex organs