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Terrorism Awareness for Local Residents

The Security of Fulton County depends greatly on resident involvement. No law enforcement agency can effectively protect life and property without the support and cooperation of the citizens it serves. The Fulton County Police Department needs your help to assist us in countering terrorism. We ask you be our eyes and ears and to say something when you see something.   Terrorists are trained to blend in and assimilate to their surroundings. Most terrorist’s acts are well organized and well planned. Terrorists will conduct training, surveillance, and dry runs prior to the commission of a terrorist act. They like to strike at government and civilian targets in an effort to instill fear. Ironically, though the terrorist acts are an attempt to instill fear in you, it is you that the terrorist fears most.Reports can be made any time by dialing 9-1-1.

What to Do:  To assist the Fulton County Police Department, please:

  • Remain alert and be aware of everyday activities in your neighborhood
  • Encourage the involvement of family, friends, and neighbors
  • Assume responsibility to observe and report activities that appear out of place or unusual
  • If you become aware of suspicious activity, record as many details as possible and notify the proper authorities

What Not to Do: For your own safety, please do not:

  • Take direct action
  • Confront the individual
  • Reveal your suspicions

Suspicious Activity

If you become aware of suspicious activity, please:

  • Record as many details as is possible
  • Notify the appropriate authorities as soon as possible

Event Descriptions

If you happen to notice possible terrorist activity, when reporting the event, please describe the following:

  • Who did I observe?
  • What specifically did I see?
  • Where did I observe the suspicious behavior?
  • When did I observe the suspicious behavior?
  • Why do I think the behavior is suspicious?

Improving Observation Skills

The following are ways to improve your observation skills:

  • Employ good listening skills
  • Do not let personal feelings interfere with the incident
  • Look at the entire situation before making a judgment
  • Watch for non-verbal communication signs
  • Use feedback to obtain and verify information or observations
  • Observe and report
  • Do not become personally involved

Reporting Suspicious Activities

Please report suspicious activities by calling 9-1-1.

Be Prepared

GEMA’s Ready.Georgia website http://www.ready.ga.gov/    is an excellent resource for preparing for all types of emergencies including what to do in case of terrorist activities that may affect you and your family.

The Georgia Terrorism Intelligence Project (GTIP)

The Georgia Terrorism Intelligence Project (GTIP) is an intelligence sharing project between state and local law enforcement agencies and GISAC. Established in 2004, GTIP has grown from eight original partner agencies, including the Fulton County Police Department, to 21 funded partner agencies,, and two non-funded partners covering more than 60 percent of the state’s population.GISAC and law enforcement agencies throughout the state virtually share and exchange terrorism tips and leads. GTIP has also increased the intelligence capabilities of partner law enforcement agencies by providing state-of-the-art equipment, access to commercial information database services, and advanced analytic training.Currently, GISAC has partnered with the following agencies in this project:

  • Albany Police Department
  • Athens/Clarke County Police Department
  • Bibb County Sheriff’s Office
  • Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office
  • City of Atlanta Police Department
  • Clayton County Police Department
  • Cobb County Police Department
  • Columbus Police Department
  • DeKalb County Police Department
  • Fulton County Police Department
  • Georgia Bureau of Investigation
  • Georgia Department of Corrections
  • Gwinnett County Police Department
  • Hall County Sheriff’s Office
  • Henry County Police Department
  • Houston County Sheriff’s Office
  • Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office
  • Richmond County Sheriff’s Office
  • Savannah/Chatham County Police Department
  • Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office

Two additional non-funded partners

  • Atlanta FBI JTTF
  • Georgia Tech Police Department

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