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How to Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for Commercial Structures
The processing of a certificate of occupancy shall follow the guidelines as stated below according to the Standard Building Code:

Upon satisfactory completion of construction of a building or structure and installation of electrical, gas, mechanical, and plumbing systems in accordance with the technical codes, reviewed plans and specifications and after the final inspection, the Building Official shall issue a Certificate of Occupancy stating the nature of the occupancy permitted with the provisions of this code.

ON NEW COMMERCIAL STRUCTURES, YOU SHOULD BEGIN THIS PROCESS A MINIMUM OF 14 DAYS PRIOR TO DATE YOU WILL NEED THE CERTIFICATE. The following approvals will require a site visit. Please note the approximate service delivery times in parenthesis.
1. All interior trade final inspections must be approved.( Response time: 24 to 72 hours)

2. Fire Marshal approval (Response time: 24 hours)

3. All outstanding fees must be paid. FOR PROJECTS ALSO HAVING A LAND DISTURBANCE PERMIT: A certificate of occupancy hold was placed when the building permit is issued. The following items must also be addressed before a hold may be released. Allow 10 working days to obtain these approvals.

4. Field Approval Two sets of as-built plans must be submitted to the Department of Environment and Community Development field inspector prior to or concurrent with office submittal. The inspector will review the as-built and inspect all infrastructure and drainage facilities to be dedicated to Fulton County. Once field conditions meet Fulton County standards, the inspector will submit an as-built construction approval letter. For North Fulton call (770-)777-6503 and for South Fulton call (770)306-3046.

5. As Built Office Approval submit three sets of as-built plans for storm sewer, sanitary sewer, road and water improvements. The as-built plans will be reviewed and returned with comments. Once the comments have been addressed and reviewed in a scheduled Tuesday meeting, the plans will have "Office Approval." Contact Bob Harris at (404)730-0020.

6. Maintenance Bond A maintenance bond will be calculated (if needed) and returned with the as-built comments. The bond may be provided by letter of credit, certificate of deposit or bond through a surety. Forms are available at the Department of Environment and Community Development. The maintenance bond must be submitted prior to the release of the certificate of occupancy. Contact Leslie Campbell at (404) 730-0048.

7. Arborist Approval a meeting must be scheduled with the County Arborist to inspect the site for tree protection and landscaping issues. Once in conformance with Fulton county standards, arborist approval shall be submitted to the Department of Environment and Community Development. Contact Gene Callaway at (404) 730-7531.

8. Traffic Control A meeting must be scheduled with the County Traffic Engineer, or his representative, to inspect traffic control measures. The county Traffic Engineer shall be contacted at least one week prior to scheduled signing and striping activities to direct such activities. Once in conformance with Fulton County standards, traffic engineering approval shall be submitted to the Department of Environment and Community Development. Contact Wyvern Budram at (404) 730-7473.

9. Grease Traps For projects where grease traps are required, a meeting must be scheduled and approval must be obtained form the Fulton County Public Works Pre-Treatment Section prior to as-built approval. Contact Leola Scott at (770) 640-3061.