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The Department of Purchasing & Contract Compliance will only accept responses to Quotes and Invitation To Bid for Commodities (ITBC) electronically using our on-line Vendor Self Service system. You must be a registered vendor in order to respond to Quotes or ITBCs. We look forward to doing business with your firm.

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  Issue DateDue DateDue TimeProject TitleIDDepartmentTypeAward DateLast UpdateStatus
Details25 Mar 20154 May 201511:00 AMPavement Management
15ITB95134K-DBPublic WorksBid 27 Apr 2015Open
Details26 Mar 201512 May 201511:00 a.m.Inmate Medical Services15RFP001B-BRSheriffRFP 1 May 2015Open
Details30 Mar 20158 May 201511:00 A.M.Design/Build Svcs for
Aldredge Health Center
15RFP10101K-JAJPublic WorksRFP 8 Apr 2015Open
Details31 Mar 20154 May 201511:00 A.M.Replacement,
Installation, Removal of
Commercial Appliances at
Selected Senior Centers
15ITB97089K-DJPublic WorksBid 30 Apr 2015Open
Details2 Apr 201513 May 201511:00 AMDetention Pond Water
Quality Retrofit
15RFP95912C-DRFacilities and
Transportation Services
RFP 1 May 2015Open
Details6 Apr 20155 May 201511:00 a.m.Taser and Taser
15ITB97249B-TRSheriffBid 6 Apr 2015Open
Details7 Apr 20154 May 201511:00 a.m.Senior Transportation
Service Assessment
15RFP03272015A-CCHealth and Human ServicesRFP 28 Apr 2015Open
Details7 Apr 20157 May 201511:00 a.m.TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT15RFP04022015BL-BInformation TechnologyRFP 28 Apr 2015Open
Details7 Apr 201521 Apr 20152:00 p.m.South Fulton Library
Evergreen 4-21 Rebid
4.01 Masonry &
Masonry Restoration
Atlanta-Fulton County
Library CM Subcontracting 7 Apr 2015Open
Details8 Apr 201512 May 201511:00 a.m.Uniforms, Footwear and
Duty Gear
15ITB001B-BRPoliceBid 24 Apr 2015Open
Details13 Apr 201522 Apr 20152:00 PMVehicle Wash Service15FB97243CFacilities and
Transportation Services
Quote 13 Apr 2015Open
Details13 Apr 201522 May 201511:00 A. M.Design/Build Svcs for
Sidewalk Improvements on
Danforth Rd-Rehoboth
Circle to Cascade Rd
15RFP022315K-NHPublic WorksRFP 27 Apr 2015Open
Details15 Apr 20152 May 201511:00 a.m.Desktop PCs15ITB97531YB-TRInformation TechnologyBid 1 May 2015Open
Details16 Apr 201515 May 201511:00 AMEmployee Healthcare
Benefits Plan
16RFP82557C-MTFinanceRFP 16 Apr 2015Open
Details16 Apr 20151 Jun 201511:00 AMSouth Fulton Road
15ITB97138K-DBFacilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 16 Apr 2015Open
Details16 Apr 201530 Apr 20152:00 P.M.HP DesignJet T2500
Multifunctional Printer
15FB97561CPublic WorksQuote 28 Apr 2015Open
Details16 Apr 20151 May 20152:00 P.M.Ready Mix Concrete15FB97189CGeneral ServicesQuote 21 Apr 2015Open
Details16 Apr 201524 Apr 20152:00 P.M.Assistive Listening
15FB97323CPublic WorksQuote 21 Apr 2015Open
Details20 Apr 20156 May 201511:00 AMFit Pick Micro Market,
Vending Machine and
Catering Events
15RFP96985C-DRFacilities and
Transportation Services
RFP 20 Apr 2015Open
Details21 Apr 201530 Apr 20152:00 p.mRosewood Piano Finish
Plaque with Brass Plates
and Laser Engraving
15RD97589BSheriffQuote 21 Apr 2015Open
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