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The Department of Purchasing & Contract Compliance will only accept responses to Quotes and Invitation To Bid for Commodities (ITBC) electronically using our on-line Vendor Self Service system. You must be a registered vendor in order to respond to Quotes or ITBCs. We look forward to doing business with your firm.

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  Issue DateDue DateDue TimeProject TitleIDDepartmentTypeAward DateLast UpdateStatus
Details28 May 20158 Jul 201511:00 AMTraffic Signal Battery
Backup System
15ITB97572C-DRFacilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 24 Jun 2015Open
Details1 Jun 20157 Jul 20152:00 p.m.CANON DSLR Cameras &
Equipment for External
Affairs Digital Unit
15RD98590BCounty ManagerQuote 1 Jul 2015Open
Details3 Jun 20157 Jul 201511:00 amOrganizational Strategic
15RFP52115B-TRCounty ManagerRFP 29 Jun 2015Open
Details14 Jun 201528 Jul 201511:00 a.m.WAP Juice Bar &
Nutritionally Fresh
Prepared Snack Items
15RFP62515B-TRParks & RecreationRFP 29 Jun 2015Open
Details18 Jun 201515 Jul 20152:00 PMUnemployment Insurance
15RFP98000C-MTFinanceRFP 18 Jun 2015Open
Details24 Jun 201530 Jul 201511:00 AMOffice of Aging In-Home
15RFP97857A-CJCHousing and Human
RFP 24 Jun 2015Open
Details24 Jun 201528 Jul 201511:00 amCustomer Service Services15RFP40022015B-WLCounty ManagerRFP 24 Jun 2015Open
Details25 Jun 20156 Jul 20152:00 PMFire Extinguisher
15FB98536CFacilities and
Transportation Services
Quote 25 Jun 2015Open
Details30 Jun 201528 Jul 201511:00 a.m.Review of Policies,
Departmental Procedures
and Practices
15RFP06192015B-TRCounty ManagerRFP 30 Jun 2015Open
Details2 Jul 201510 Jul 20152:00 p.m.Community Residential
Housing for Jail
Diversion and Treatment
15CT98579AHealth and WellnessQuote 2 Jul 2015Open
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