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The Department of Purchasing & Contract Compliance will only accept responses to Quotes and Invitation To Bid for Commodities (ITBC) electronically using our on-line Vendor Self Service system. You must be a registered vendor in order to respond to Quotes or ITBCs. We look forward to doing business with your firm.

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  Issue DateDue DateDue TimeProject TitleIDDepartmentTypeAward DateLast UpdateStatus
Details23 Apr 20142 Jun 20144:00 PMFCERS Financial Advisory
& Investment
Consulting Services
14RFP87041-FINFinanceRFP 23 Apr 2014Open
Details7 Jul 201422 Sep 201411:00 A.M.Standby Professional Svcs
for Environmental
Engineering & Testing
14RFP92914K-JDFacilities and
Transportation Services
RFP 28 Aug 2014Open
Details14 Jul 20149 Sep 201411:00 A.M.2015 Standby Engineering
14RFP070714K-NHWater ResourcesRFP 28 Aug 2014Open
Details18 Jul 201422 Sep 201411:00 A.M.Operation &
Maintenance Svcs for the
Atlanta-Fulton Co. Water
Treatment Facility
14RFP060782K-DJWater ResourcesRFP 27 Aug 2014Open
Details18 Jul 201419 Sep 201411:00 A.M.Fulton Co Government
Center Remediation of
Upper Terrace
14ITB94009K-JAJFacilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 2 Sep 2014Open
Details21 Jul 201410 Sep 201411:00 AMTrash Collection Curbside
14ITB93423C-DRFacilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 21 Jul 2014Open
Details22 Jul 20145 Sep 201411:00 A.M.Automated Vehicle
Information & GPS
Location System (AVL)
14RFP070214K-NHWater ResourcesRFP 25 Aug 2014Open
Details23 Jul 20143 Sep 201411:00 amHVAC Units Replacement14ITB94100C-DRFacilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 31 Jul 2014Open
Details6 Aug 20149 Sep 201411:00 amSmall Business Market
Availability Study
14RFP00721B-WLPurchasing & Contract
RFP 19 Aug 2014Open
Details7 Aug 201411 Sep 201411:00 AMFire Hydrants Maintenance
& Repairs
14ITB94289A-CJC Water ResourcesBid 7 Aug 2014Open
Details7 Aug 201415 Sep 201411:00 A.M.Providence Park - Phase
lll Site Decommissioning
14ITB93845K-JDFacilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 29 Aug 2014Open
Details8 Aug 20144 Sep 201411:00 amResidential Water and
Sewer Service Line
Protection Program
15RFP93326A-APWater ResourcesRFP 28 Aug 2014Open
Details12 Aug 201410 Sep 201411:00 AMUniforms and Related
14ITB93863C-DR Facilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 12 Aug 2014Open
Details12 Aug 201418 Sep 201411:00 AMWater Meter Testing and
14ITB94376A-CJC Water ResourcesBid 12 Aug 2014Open
Details13 Aug 201418 Sep 201411:00 AM Water Valves 14ITBC94393A-CJC Water ResourcesBid 13 Aug 2014Open
Details13 Aug 201418 Sep 201411:00 AMWater Meters 14ITBC94249A-CJC Water ResourcesBid 13 Aug 2014Open
Details13 Aug 201416 Sep 201411:00 amUniforms, Footwear and
Duty Gear
14ITB93992B-BR PoliceBid 13 Aug 2014Open
Details14 Aug 201425 Aug 20142:00 PMUnderground Storage Tanks
(UST) Annual Testing
14VR94417C Facilities and
Transportation Services
Quote 14 Aug 2014Open
Details19 Aug 201425 Sep 201411:00 AMLaboratory Supplies14ITBC94084A-CJC Water ResourcesBid 22 Aug 2014Open
Details19 Aug 201425 Sep 201411:00 AMCorporation Stops &
Brass Fittings
14ITBC94405A-CJCWater ResourcesBid 19 Aug 2014Open
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