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  Issue DateDue DateDue TimeProject TitleIDDepartmentTypeAward DateLast UpdateStatus
Details16 Jul 20153 Sep 201511:00 a.m.CUSTOM PREFILLED CONDOM
15ITBC98685A-MHHealth and WellnessBid 25 Aug 2015Open
Details23 Jul 201516 Sep 201511:00 A.M.Valve Assessment Program15RFP98019C-DRWater ResourcesRFP 28 Aug 2015Open
Details23 Jul 20152 Sep 201511:00 A.M.Natural Gas Services
15ITB98779C-DRGeneral ServicesBid 26 Aug 2015Open
Details28 Jul 201526 Aug 201511:00 A. M.Auto Physical Damage
Appraisal Services
Details29 Jul 201516 Sep 201511:00 A. M.Fulton Co. Justice Center
Tower Roof Replacement
15ITB98691K-JAJGeneral ServicesBid 29 Jul 2015Open
Details1 Aug 201526 Aug 20152:00 PMPeer Specialist for
Family Dependency
Treatment Court
15FB98737CJuvenile CourtQuote 17 Aug 2015Open
Details7 Aug 20159 Sep 201511:00 a.m.Judicial Dashboard
Management System
15RFP98661C-MTSuperior Court - GeneralRFP 7 Aug 2015Open
Details11 Aug 201516 Sep 201511:00 A.M.UTILITY MANAGEMENT
16ITB98978C-DRGeneral ServicesBid 11 Aug 2015Open
Details11 Aug 201521 Aug 20152:00 PMJuvenile Court Treatment
Provider for Cognitive
Behavioral Intervention
for Substance Abuse
15FB98842CJuvenile CourtQuote 11 Aug 2015Open
Details12 Aug 20159 Sep 201511:00 AMLife and Disability
Broker Services
15RFP99894C-MTFinanceRFP 12 Aug 2015Open
Details13 Aug 201510 Sep 201511:00 A.M.General Landscaping,
Maintenance & Lawn
Care - Fulton Co
15ITB98892K-ECGeneral ServicesBid 27 Aug 2015Open
Details18 Aug 201516 Sep 201511:00 AMBus & Shuttle
15ITB98944C-MTFacilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 18 Aug 2015Open
Details19 Aug 201523 Sep 201511:00 A.M.Plumbing Supplies16ITB98999C-DRGeneral ServicesBid 19 Aug 2015Open
Details19 Aug 201523 Sep 201511:00 A.M.HVAC Equipment &
16ITB98994C-DRGeneral ServicesBid 19 Aug 2015Open
Details19 Aug 201516 Sep 201511:00 AMMail Services Operations15ITB98977C-MTFacilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 28 Aug 2015Open
Details20 Aug 201527 Aug 20152:00 PMPipe Locator Equipment15FB99139CFacilities and
Transportation Services
Quote 20 Aug 2015Open
Details20 Aug 201516 Sep 201511:00 AMJanitorial Supplies &
15ITBC98975C-MTFacilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 28 Aug 2015Open
Details20 Aug 201528 Aug 20152:00 PMSurveillance Office for
Juvenile Drug Court
Program, Choices
15FB99072CJuvenile CourtQuote 20 Aug 2015Open
Details20 Aug 201528 Aug 20152:00 PMOn Call Plumbing Repair
15FB99029CPublic WorksQuote 20 Aug 2015Open
Details24 Aug 201530 Sep 201511:00 A.M. EST.Standby Plumbing Repair
16ITB99248C-DRGeneral ServicesBid 24 Aug 2015Open
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