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Issue Date25 Jul 2012
Due Date29 Oct 2012
Due Time11:00 A.M.
Project TitleS-128 Game Creek Pump Station Upgrade (Vol 1 & 2)
DescriptionThe Project is located in Sandy Springs Georgia behind the River One Community Complex off of Powers Ferry Rd., One River Place 101 River Vista Dr., 30339; provide construction services for the replacement of two existing dry pit pumps (4MGD, 20HP each); pump check valves; replace Variable Frequency Drives (VFD); Install Programmable Logic Controls and Touch Screen Human Machine Interface systems (HMI); installation of wet well level measuring devices (primary and backup); replacement of existing emergency backup generator; construct new emergency bypass pump connection, install new electrical upgrades, install new surge arrestor; new wet well pit mixer system; new telemetry system; new odor control system; painting and cosmetic repair work to the existing building; landscape and fence installation; paving; roofing work; wet well cleaning and bypass pumping.
Bid File12ITB84745K-JAJ.pdf
Addendum 1ONE - 12ITB84745K-JAJ.pdf
Addendum 2TWO - 12ITB84745K-JAJ.pdf
Addendum 3THREE - 12ITB84745K-JAJ.pdf
Addendum 4FOUR - 12ITB84745K-JAJ.pdf
Addendum 5
Sign In Sheet12ITB84745K-JAJ2.pdf
DepartmentWater Resources
Bid ContactJames A. Jones
Contact Phonen/a
Tabulation SheetTab - 12ITB84745K-JAJ.pdf
Award Recipient(s)SOL Construction, LLC (Atlanta, GA) $652,250
Award Date5 Dec 2012
Last Update6 Dec 2012
NotesPre-Bid Conference
Date: August 13, 2012
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: One River Place, 101 River Vista Drive 30339 (Behind the River One Community Complex off Powers Ferry Rd).

The Contract Drawings can be purchased for a non-refundable payment of $10.00 for an electronic CD version in PDF format. The CDs can be acquired at the Fulton County Public Works Department, Attn: Barney Whitaker, 141 Pryor Street, Ste. 6001, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Phone: 404-583-5646, Email: .

An additional pre-bid conference/site visit is being scheduled for Monday, Sept. 24, 2012 at 11:00 A.M. at One River Vista Drive Sandy Springs, GA 30339 (Behind the River One Community Complex off of Powers Ferry Rd.)

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