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 Issue DateDue Date Due TimeProject TitleIDDepartmentTypeAward DateLast UpdateStatus
Details16 Oct 201519 Feb 201611:00 A.M.Design/Build Svcs Fulton
Co. Govt Center Fire
Alarm Modernization
15RFP97337K-JAJPublic WorksRFP 11 Jan 2016Open
Details4 Dec 201529 Jan 201611:00 a.m.Community Services
15RFP11042015Housing & Community
RFP 14 Jan 2016Open
Details15 Dec 20152 Feb 201611:00 a.m.Audio Visual Systems,
Support and Services
16ITB100609B-BR Information TechnologyBid 20 Jan 2016Open
Details15 Jan 201616 Feb 201611:00 a.m.Fire Sprinkler Protection
System Maintenance
16ITB100844C-MTGeneral ServicesBid 15 Feb 2016Open
Details20 Jan 201623 Feb 201611:00 a.m.Canvas Lawn Folding
16ITBC100956B-WLArts & CultureBid 20 Jan 2016Open
Details21 Jan 20164 Feb 201611:00 a.m.Educational
16RFP100204A-MHJuvenile CourtRFP 21 Jan 2016Open
Details7 Dec 201525 Jan 201611:00 AMEarly Care And Education
Training And Consulting
15RFP12032015A-CCHealth and WellnessRFP 7 Jan 2016Open
Details15 Dec 201521 Jan 201611:00 AMLocks, Doors &
16ITB74223C-MTFacilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 15 Dec 2015Open
Details20 Jan 201617 Feb 201611:00 AMUninterrupted Power
Supply (UPS) System
Maintenance Service
16ITB100845C-MTFacilities and
Transportation Services
Bid 20 Jan 2016Open
Details13 Jan 201625 Jan 20162:00 p.mHelicopter Annual
Inspection and Repair
16RD100881BPoliceQuote 13 Jan 2016Open
Details12 Jan 201625 Jan 20162:00 p.m.Polygraph Examination
16RD100892BPoliceQuote 20 Jan 2016Open
Details12 Jan 201625 Jan 20162:00 p.m.Automobile Exterior
Washing and Interior
16RD100872BPoliceQuote 20 Jan 2016Open
Details12 Jan 201625 Jan 20162:00 p.m.Certification Calibration
Repairs on Speed Devices
16RD100871BPoliceQuote 20 Jan 2016Open
Details12 Jan 201625 Jan 20162:00 p.m.BMW Motorcycle Parts
Services and Repairs
16RD100876BPoliceQuote 20 Jan 2016Open
Details12 Jan 201625 Jan 20162:00 p.m.Emergency Warning and
Communnications Equipment
Service and Repair
16RD100880BPoliceQuote 20 Jan 2016Open
Details13 Jan 201625 Jan 20162:00 p.m.Harley Davidson
Motorcycle Parts and
16RD100874BPoliceQuote 13 Jan 2016Open
Details13 Jan 201625 Jan 20162:00 p.m.Oil Changes and
Automotive Repairs for
Police Vehicles
16RD100879BPoliceQuote 13 Jan 2016Open
Details14 Jan 201626 Jan 20162:00 p.m.Pre-Employment
Psychological Evaluations
16RD100957BSheriffQuote 14 Jan 2016Open
Details19 Jan 201629 Jan 20162:00 p.m.Psychological Evaluations16RD100883BPoliceQuote 19 Jan 2016Open
Details12 Jan 201625 Jan 20162:00 PMHazardous Medical Waste
Removal Services
16FB100766CMedical ExaminerQuote 20 Jan 2016Open
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