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99 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive,SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Our Mission
To ensure that Fulton County citizens and visitors receive appropriate, timely emergency medical care in response to 911 caller requests through the Fulton County Emergency Communications Center (FCECC)

To provide medical oversight for emergency medical (EMS) care rendered by the Fulton County Fire Department Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) First Responders

To provide emergency medical care and planning consultation to the Fulton County Office of Emergency Preparedness

To provide chair duties to the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) emergency support functions (ESF) mass care (6) and health and medical (8) subcommittee planning efforts

Our Services
Medical direction to the emergency medical dispatch program at the FCECC

Medical direction to the Fulton County Fire Department emergency medical services; quality assurance of emergency medical care rendered

Medical consultation to the Fulton County Emergency Services Department regarding the contract contents with and compliance by its two 911 EMS providers

Surveillance program planning and implementation (FirstWatch, Inc.) for medical emergency conditions called into the FCECC

Medical direction to Fulton County for CDC’s Strategic National Stockpile Cities Readiness Initiative planning and implementation

Medical liaison to the Fulton County Medical Reserve Corp

Representation of Fulton County in the following State EMS organizations:

  • Region III EMS Council
  • EMS Medical Directors Advisory Council

Community Benefit
Contribution of emergency medical expertise to all direct county services and county-directed functions that involve the surveillance for injuries and illnesses, the protection of citizens and visitors from injury and illness, and the medical care designed to address them.