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Case Investigation and Disease Surveillance

The Epidemiology Program is responsible for investigating cases of reportable diseases and conditions in Fulton County. These diseases include enteric illnesses, vaccine-preventable diseases, invasive bacterial infections, zoonotic diseases, viral hepatitis, and other conditions. Epidemiology receives reports from hospitals, doctors’ offices, laboratories, clinics, and facilities such as daycares, schools, and nursing homes. Investigations generally involve interviews with patients to identify the source of infection and providing education about disease transmission and prevention.All Georgia physicians, laboratories, and other health care providers are required by law to report patients with conditions of public health concern listed on the Georgia Notifiable Disease/condition Report Form 3095.

Outbreak Investigation

The Epidemiology Program investigates outbreaks of disease in various settings including schools, daycare centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, correctional institutions, and other community settings. Through the investigative process, data is collected to identify affected individuals, the source of infection, modes of disease transmission, and risk factors related to the outbreak. The data is then used to control and prevent further spread of illness.


Public Health Surveillance is the ongoing, systematic collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of data on specific health conditions and diseases. Fulton County participates in the Sentinel Provider Influenza Surveillance Program to monitor influenza trends. A sample of providers within the county submits valuable data to identify populations at highest risk for infection as well as the types of influenza circulating the community. Fulton County also participates in syndromic surveillance which monitors presenting symptoms in emergency room patients.

Health Education

During case interviews, extensive health education is provided on disease transmission, control and prevention. Epidemiology also serves as a resource for the community on infectious diseases and control.


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