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Incarceration and TB in Fulton County | Print |

Tuberculosis is known to disproportionately affect persons dwelling in congregate settings such as prisons, jails and detention centers. The risk of both TB transmission and progression to active disease is increased at these centers due to the close proximity of inmates in small enclosures and presence of other TB risk factors like substance abuse, injection drug use and immune compromising diseases.

In Fulton County, the TB treatment and prevention program actively works with the local, state and federal correctional facilities within its borders to ensure that all inmates are screened for TB infection periodically and those who are eligible for Latent TB infection treatment are provided with treatment promptly. Over the past 11 years, an average of 4% of new TB diagnoses occurred among inmates of correctional facilities. With efficient contact tracing, infection screening and holistic case management, TB in the corrections have continued to be on the decline in Fulton County.


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