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The Real Estate Division of Fulton County's Department of Real Estate and Asset Management manages the County’s Asset Management, Fleet, Land, Solid Waste and Landfill Post-Closure functions.

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee of more than 500,000 property and fixed assets records
  • Provide oversight and management of the County’s internal transportation and infrastructure assets
  • Coordinates and manages real estate transactions and management of its real property assets
  • Provide oversight and the orderly collection, transportation, and disposal of municipal solid waste
  • Coordinate and manages the County’s Landfill Post Closure activities and regulatory compliance requirements.



Land advises the Director on matters related to real estate transactions and management of its real property assets. Land is responsible for the management of the County’s real property inventory, acquisition and disposition of real property, negotiation and management of commercial leasing, interface with user agencies and the public in matters related to real estate and manages County cell towers at various locations throughout the County. Provide leadership in facilitating the public sale via auction of certain county properties declared surplus by the Board of Commissioners pursuant to State law and the County's Disposition of County-owned Real Property Policy, view Surplus Real Estate for Sale.