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Fulton County has been incorporated into 15 small cities.  Trash services are being provided through city management. The division is responsible for the following activities:

  1. Manage and operates the Merk Miles Transfer Station located at 3225 Merk Road, College Park, Georgia 30349. The Merk Miles Transfer Station Facility is a solid waste “convenience center” operated for the benefit of the general public. The facility permit residents to dispose of unwanted household municipal solid waste. The facility is operated in accordance with the Georgia Rules for Solid Waste Management 391-3-4.
  2. Operating hours Monday-Saturday (8:00-4:30)
  3. Closed on Wed and Sunday
  4. Phone Number (404) 629-1700
  5. Maintain adequate solid waste storage facilities and infrastructure to ensure collection, disposal and recycling services for all Fulton County buildings.

Fulton County cities and Trash Services links:

North Fulton

South Fulton

Landfill Post-Closure Activities

Manage the County’s Landfill Post-Closure activities for Morgan Falls and Merk Miles Landfills. The primary goal of the landfill post closure program is to address contamination in groundwater and to prevent the offsite migration of methane gas and groundwater contamination. The objective is to remediate the landfills and provide documentation to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Environmental Protection Division (EPD) regarding environmental cleanup activities in compliance with the mandated post closure period.


Asset Management

Provide employees, departments and other officials with services that include data management and accountability, fixed asset management, physical inventory and periodic reporting along with vehicle and heavy equipment receiving. Manage the County’s vehicle’s tag acquisition, title records and disposal of County vehicles and heavy equipment through public auction. Additionally, asset management is responsible for training and coordination with the various County Departments/Agencies’ Asset Coordinators regarding software utilization, inventory tracking and warehouse and fleet management services.


Fleet Management

Fleet management provides oversight and management of the County’s internal transportation services and its related infrastructure needs. The division is responsible for the following activities:

  1. Operate and maintains a fleet of approximately 1,500 vehicles.
  2. Operate and manages contracted employee and juror shuttle services.
  3. Manage the County’s fueling stations, automotive repair facilities and parking lots.

Click on this link to see the Shuttle Manual.