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This regulation defines the terms, requiring and regulating the rat-proofing of all existing commercial buildings. The health inspector carries out health education programs, distributes rat poison to homeowners, and issues notices and citations to violators of the provisions of the regulations.
Rats are found worldwide. They spoil food and carry diseases. The rat program was created to enforce the Fulton County Rat Control Article, educate the public of potential health hazards and minimize exposure to rats. Our staff enforces this article through investigating complaints, responding to rat bait requests and educating citizens in effective eradication of rats.

Single-family homeowners in Fulton County are eligible to receive rat control materials at no charge. Call the Central District office at 404-613-1301 to request this service. An inspection of the property is required to identify any condition that is considered as rat harborage or food for rats, which must be eliminated before rat control materials are issued. We do not dispense rat control materials at the department health center. It is strongly recommended that if you are experiencing a rat problem inside your home, you should “rat-proof” the entire building to keep rats and other invaders out. See link below to help you identify entry points

Click link below to download:

"Facts About Rats Brochure"

"Rat-Proofing Your Home" fact sheet




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