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The Dr. Robert E. "Bob" Fulton Environmental Education Center (Bob Fulton Center) is a key component of the Johns Creek Environmental Campus.  The center allows for the wastewater treatment process to be used as an educational tool.  This facility includes a lecture hall, classroom and teaching lab which are used to educate visitors on the issues and benefits related to water treatment, quality and aquatic life in the Chattahoochee River, as well as water conservation, reuse water, the value of water and other environmental issues.

Our goals are to:Pond

  • Educate and raise awareness of the importance of water protection and effective wastewater treatment through classroom discussions, laboratory experiments, and plant tours.
  • Provide technical educational opportunities on broad environmental issues to the community through speakers, training, seminars, research studies, school programs and exhibits.
  • Promote proactive involvement with community, educational, environmental, professional and research organizations.

Tour_Kiosk2Tours must be scheduled and confirmed by contacting the Bob Fulton Center at (404) 613.3001 or (404) 613.3012.  The initial tour experience may include:

    1. Introduction Video - to introduce the facility and explain the facility's purpose, technology and layout.
    2. Tour of wastewater plant & surrounding grounds (children ages 7 and under are not permitted to tour plant for safety reasons).
    3. Lab Activity - which can vary based on visitors' age geared towards the wastewater treatment technology and/or environmental discussions.

fountain2The tours are designed to increase awareness of the value and importance of water and wastewater treatment by allowing visitors to learn about and witness the process first-hand.

Ongoing efforts are being made towards establishing relationships and partnerships with professional and environmental organizations, as well as Georgia educational facilities and media outlets.

"Dr. Robert E. "Bob" Fulton Environmental Education Center is committed to providing resources for research and public education on environmental stewardship, water quality, and wastewater management strategies."


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