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Fulton Focus Forum  is a  weekly radio program,  provided  by Beasley Broadcasting at no cost to the County  and aired on WAEC,  Love 860 AM  every Saturday and Sunday at 6:00 a.m.  and on WWWE 1100 AM every  Saturday and Sunday  at 8:00 a.m.The program is produced by the Fulton County Office of Communications.   The purpose of Fulton Focus Forum  is to engage citizens in the various programs and services provided by Fulton County, including Health and Human Services, Housing, senior services, youth programs and initiatives and much more.     Tune in and learn more about how Fulton County is at your service.  

Listen to previously aired programs and announcements now:  

Fulton Focus Forum - October 2014 - Bullying & Gangs

Fulton Focus Forum - September 2014 - Kinship Care

Fulton Focus Forum - September

Fulton Focus - June 2013

Fulton Focus - January 2013

Fulton Focus - June  2012
Teen DADS, Hurricane Season, Summer Camp

Fulton Focus  - May 2012
Jury Duty, Tax Assessments, Adamsville Regional Health Center

Fulton Focus - April 2012
Purchase a Home, Revitalizing South Fulton,  Crime Prevention and Seniors

Fulton Focus - March 2012
Asthma Awareness, Springdale Place, Oak Hill Renovation

Fulton Focus - February 2012
Fulton County Priorities and Issues - Zach Williams, County Manager

Fulton Focus - February 2012
Asthma PSA

Fulton Focus - January 2012
Citizen Sense edition

Fulton Focus Forum - Kim Benjamin, Community Development Specialist
Home Ownership Program (HOP)

Fulton Focus Forum - Charles Releford, Health and Wellness, Chief of Staff
Grand Opening, Adamsville Regional Health Center

Fulton Focus Forum - May 6, 2012
(part 1 - Sarah Hilton and Older Americans Month and the State of Seniors)

Fulton Focus Forum - May 6, 2012
(part 2 - Mike Rowicki and the Office of Workforce Development)

Fulton Focus Forum - April 29, 2012
Dr. Patrice Harris, Asthma Awareness

Fulton Focus Forum  - April 22, 2012
Regine Denis, Office of Aging, Senior Services

Fulton Focus Forum - April 15, 2012
Lolita Collins and Vaughn Irons, Neighborhood Stabilization Program



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