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The FCME Logo is shown below. An explanation of its design appears below the logo.


The circular nature of the logo represents the continuum between life and death. The scroll bearing the FCME acronym represents knowledge, which is what we apply to clarify the cause, manner, and circumstances of death.  The Scales of Justice represent the legal system, with which we interact on a daily basis. The serpent design on the post of the scales of justice is derived from the Caduceus, an ancient symbol of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing. The Caduceus has become the symbol of medicine, which is the primary science we apply to our death investigations. The base of the scales of justice, below the serpents, resembles a laboratory gas burner, and represents the forensic sciences that we employ to carry out our death investigations. The triangular design at the top of the scales of justice resembles a torch, which stands for the Liberty of individuals which we strive to protect.