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This page contains the names of employees who worked for the FCME in the past, especially since the opening of the old medical examiner's building at 50 Coca Cola Place in 1974. Many employees from the days of the Steiner Building (1965-1974) are also included. Current employees are listed under Our Staff.  The list below also does not contain previous trainees, who are listed on the Training and Fellows page.


Medical Examiners

Robert R. Stivers, MD*

Saleh A. Zaki, MD, PhD

Joseph L. Burton, MD

John R. Feegel, MD (deceased 2003)

Gerald T. Gowitt, MD

Steven F. Dunton, MD

Kris L. Sperry, MD

Mark A. Koponen, MD

Fredric N. Hellman, MD

Thomas W. Young, MD

Harold Thompson "Tom" Dillon, MD (deceased 1970)*

John B. Parker, MD
Carol A. Terry, MD
Eric L. Kiesel, MD, PhD
Geoffrey Smith, MD
Kim Collins, MD (part-time)
Jonathan Eisentstat, MD (part-time)


Administrative Personnel


Clara Hart*

Dorothy Robb (deceased)*

Edna Love (deceased)*

Pam Hugo*

Sue Dennison

Sandra McLarity

Jean Reeves

Verniece Moon

Rowena Roach

Stephanie Jankowski

Lucille Parks

Wilma Brewer (retired)

Jimmie Bailey (deceased)

Beverly Minter Wadley

Chris JC Murray (retired)
Eleanor Saenz

James A. Walker (retired)

Demetrius McCray

Elantrice Hughley

Rachel Gardner
Tiara Billingslea

Felice Albany
Susie Reaves, Administrative Coordinator (Retired 11/05)

Angela Wright, Records and Documents Supervisor
Tia Baynes, Customer Service


Investigations Division
Edward McKillop (deceased)*
Mike Johnson (deceased)*

Frank Cook (deceased)*

Frank Jordan (deceased)*

Milton Eugene Horton*

John T. Cameron (deceased 2007)*

Jerry Hendrix*

Donald   L. Pike (deceased 2009)*

Richard J. Eskew (deceased 2002)*

Carl Hugh Hanes (deceased)*

Joyce Vaughan

Victoria Axam

Steve Martin

George Coleman

Robert Lincoln

Heulett "Junior" Miller

Charles Graham

Walt Mestas

Allen "Buddy"   Glover (deceased 2003)

Diana DePina

Bill Neikirk (deceased)*

Randy Haynie
Leon Harrison

Willie L. Price

Michael B. Tuvlin

Albert L. Boudy

Dennis E. McGowan
Joseph Morgan
Teresa Armstrong, DABMDI, ME Investigator
Carrie Notch, DABMDI, ME Investigator
Meredith Galloway, ME Investigator
Michael Alsip, ME Investigator
Laura Salm, Investigator


Forensic Technical Support

Reginald George
Robert Simpson (deceased)*
Merit White (deceased)*
Jim "James" Calloway (deceased)*

OB Samuel

Jacqueline Pruitt*

Robert Green (deceased 1999)*

Sam Morrow (deceased)

Jimmie Binion*

Thomas Hill

Wallace Vaughn*

Paul Shippey (deceased)*

Harry Paradise (deceased)*

Sam Reed

Leroy Horne

George Dunham

Robert Ferguson

Theodore Guerry

Gail Reid

Joel Reeves

Richard Grantham

Robert Wesley  Browning

Desmond Grooms

Tony Gaines

Robert Mills

Lisa Smith

Gerald Morales

Barbara Verner-Joseph (Barbara Jones)

Jackie Samuels
Charles Brown
Artis Thomas (Part time)
Zubedah Rivers
Candice Russell
Joe Glass (retired 2007)
Charri Hill
Tarris Gaskins

Eric Bailey
Steven Moore
Monica Melchor



Peter Daly

Jeff Hodges

James Harvey
Sybil Daniel (Retired 12/04)



Florence Ritchey (deceased)*

Eva Franz*

Yvonne Gray*
Glenda Buchek (retired)


JP "Buck" Gooden (deceased)*

Clara Ferguson (deceased)*

Willie Nolton (deceased)
Frances Whitfield (retired 2006)
Walter Williams (retired 2015)


*Spent at least part of their working years in the Steiner Building at 62 Butler Street



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