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The Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office is a Department within the Fulton County Government. The Department Head is the Chief Medical Examiner, who is appointed by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. A staff of approximately 40 employees carries out the duties of the office which is located at the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Center. Our main responsibility is to investigate deaths that occur because of injury   or poisoning, or which are sudden, unexpected, and not readily explainable at the time of death. (See "What We Do and Why We Do It").

Our staff consists of the following types of employees:

  • Administrative and Support Personnel
  • Medical Examiners
  • Medical Examiner Investigators
  • Forensic Technicians
  • Medicolegal Photographers
  • Histology Technical Support Staff
  • Morgue Attendants
  • Custodial Staff

The staff at the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Center includes:

Administrative and Support Personnel

John M. Cross, Deputy Director
Paul Desamours, Operations Manager
Karleshia Bentley,  Executive Assistant
Simone Murphy, Medicolegal Transcriptionist
Lynette Redding, Medicolegal Transcriptionist
Shirley Gleaton, Administrative Assistant
Genavieve Howard, Administrative Assistant
Sharon Matthews, Administrative Assistant

Medical Examiners

Jan Gorniak, DO, Chief Medical Examiner
Karen Sullivan, MD, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner
Michael Heninger, MD, Associate Medical Examiner
Ryan McCormick, MD, Associate Medical Examiner

Investigative Staff
Mark Guilbeau, PhD, DABMDI, Senior ME Investigator/Forensic Anthropologist
Dumonder "Reda" Dawson, Senior ME Investigator
Candice Dalton, ME Investigator
Bert Ennett, ME Investigator
Danielle Green, ME Investigator
Leon Harrison, ME Investigator
Eric Sliz, ME Investigator
Deltra Westfall, ME Investigator
Mark Ruffin, ME Investigator
Jon Hager, ME Investigator
Brian Reents, ME Investigator

Forensic Technical Support

Charles Love, Forensic Technician Supervisor
Carlos Evans, Forensic Technician Asst. Supervisor
Angie McCray, Forensic Technician Asst. Supervisor
Chefrene Gory, Forensic Technician
Kathy Robinson, Forensic Technician
Filomena Fernandes, Forensic Technician
Artemus Barnes, Forensic Technician
DeOnn Colbert, Morgue Attendant

Histology Services
Glenda Washington, Histologist

Photography Services

Mary Burgess, Medicolegal Photographer

Facility Assistant  

Carlo Harper


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