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Procedural Information

NOTE: This section contains information designed to assist various people and agencies who interact with the Fulton County Medical Examiner, such as hospital staff, private physicians, funeral homes, law enforcement officers, and the general public. If you were to print out this section, it would take about 30 pages. You may wish to read through the information and "cut, copy, and paste" those sections which are applicable to you. We hope the information provided will help you learn more about how we operate; answer common questions that you may have about our operations; and help you in your interactions with us.

1 Introduction
2 Types of Deaths to Be Reported to the Medical Examiner
3 Delined Jurisdiction
4 The Practicing Physician and the Medical Examiner
5 Physician Responsibility in Reporting Deaths
6 Certification of Death
7 When Autopsies are Performed
8 Guidelines for Hospital Staff Reporting Deaths
9 Hospital Autopsy
10 Organ and Tissue Donation
11 Law Enforcement Agencies
12 Non-Homicide Scene Investigation
13 Homicide Scene Investigation
14 Questionable Deaths
15 Traffic Fatalities
16 Contacting the Physician and Medications
17 Police Report
18 Court Testimony in Criminal Cases
19 Medical Aide Personnel and the Medical Examiner's Office
20 Nursing Home Administrators
21 The Funeral Home and the Medical Examiner
22 Consultant Pathologist
23 Authorization for Autopsies
24 Tissue Retention and Donation
25 Geographic Jurisdiction
26 Handling and Care of Human Remains
27 Personal Property Procedure
28 Release of Intormation
29 Death Certificate
30 Medical Records
31 Transport of Bodies
32 HIV Exposure
33 Disposition of Unclaimed Human Remains

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