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State Law requires the County to provide for the disposition of remains of an indigent person who dies within the county and whose body is unclaimed by relatives or church organizations. This service is arranged by the Medical Examiner's Office through the Fulton County Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFACS).

Fulton County applies a rather narrow interpretation of the legislative language. Indigent deceased means a deceased individual for whom there is no next-of-kin who can assume the cost of preparation, care and disposition of the body-- and assets sufficient to cover such costs cannot be obtained from the estate or other source. Unclaimed deceased is defined by the County as whenever anyone shall die within Fulton County without making prior plans for the disposition of his or her body and there is no other person willing to provide for disposition of the body.

Whenever any person meets the criteria of being both unclaimed and indigent, and has died within Fulton County, the Medical Examiner's Office will take jurisdiction over the body and see, in conjunction with DFACS,  that the body is entrusted to a funeral home for disposition in accordance with County Policy.

When a body has been at the medical examiners center for an extended time and it has not been identified or claimed, we may arrange for embalming to preserve the body. If a body remains unidentified or unclaimed for a long period and our body storage capacity is at the limit, we then arrange to obtain any information needed to verify identification and proceed with arrangements for county-provided burial.


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