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The Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office does not routinely test for HIV or other communicable diseases unless it is pertinent to determining cause and manner of an individual's death. However, if a law enforcement officer, fire fighter, health care provider, health care facility staff person, or other employee may have been at risk of substantial exposure to HIV through contact with bodily fluids in the course of his or her employment and contact with the deceased, he/she may request a state or local public health officer to provide pretest counseling, HIV testing and post-test counseling.

Proper procedures to follow when personnel are exposed to HIV or other communicable disease are as follows;

  • The individual concerned is to contact his/her department's health director/officer.
  • If the department's health director/officer feels that there has been a significant exposure to one of their personnel then he/she is to contact the Medical Examiner's Office immediately and express their concern. (This enables us to collect the proper samples at autopsy, while they contact the Health Department.)
  • The department health director/officer will then contact the Fulton Health Officer and inform him of the concern.
  • The Fulton Health Officer will make a determination as to whether or not the exposure fits within the testing guidelines and then if appropriate, direct the Fulton County Medical Examiner to turn over the samples collected to the health department for appropriate testing.

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