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The Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office is required by law to make available for public inspection all public records maintained by this office. Specifically exempt from disclosure are all confidential records as exempted by the public disclosure act, preliminary records and notes of investigators and pathologists, records obtained from other sources, and information held on cases undergoing active criminal investigation.

The Medical Examiner does not have the authority or right to disclose any documents, including medical records, which have not originated from this office. These documents must be obtained from their original source. These include the police and traffic reports which may or may not have been released by law enforcement agencies; and death certificates which have been released by the Vital Statistics Registrar of the Fulton Health District. Medical or hospital records are not public records and therefore not disclosed to the public. Suicide notes are not public records and their contents are not disclosed.

When disclosure of information could jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation, the Medical Examiner, by order of a superior court, can seal the record and withhold the information from public disclosure.


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