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The Medical Examiner's jurisdiction begins at death. The office has no jurisdiction over living persons. Jurisdiction is determined by where the lethal wound or onset of fatal events occurred, not necessarily the location where death occurred. The Medical Examiner's geographic jurisdiction extends to the borders of Fulton County, Georgia and includes all cities and municipalities within the county.

Deaths which occur on Federal property such as military bases, federal prisons, post offices, and other federal lands are not within the jurisdiction of the Medical Examiner. Federal authorities usually investigate such deaths. The Medical Examiner may investigate any death occurring on Federal property if invited to do so by the respective Federal authorities. In practice, nearly all deaths on Federal property in Fulton County are investigated by the appropriate Federal agency and their designated contract pathologists. This applies to deaths of both military and civilian personnel. Often, Federal authorities give FCMEO jurisdiction when civilians die on military property, or when a decedent normally under federal jurisdiction dies on non-Federal property.


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