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As soon as it is confirmed that a traffic death has occurred, that death must be reported to the Medical Examiner's Office. The body is not to be moved from the scene of the accident without the authorization of the Medical Examiner. If the body is in public view, it should be covered and care should be taken to keep the public view of the body at a distance and at a minimum. If a body is in danger of being mutilated or damaged at the scene, it should be moved only so far as to get it out of the troubled area, i.e., freeway center lane to shoulder, such movement must be reported and details of the body position prior to movement recorded.

If the body is removed from the vehicle, it is imperative that information regarding position of the body in the vehicle and the usage of restraint system be documented and reported to the Medical Examiner Investigator.

Vehicles should not be moved from their original position except where; (1) the Medical Examiner's Office will not be responding (victim died at a hospital); and (2) where, in the judgment of the law enforcement officers at the scene, traffic flow problems would likely result, or where public safety would be in jeopardy. Movement of the vehicle must be documented and reported to the Medical Examiner Investigator upon his or her arrival.

It is the responsibility of the Medical Examiner's Office to analyze, as appropriate, blood samples from all drivers and pedestrians who are killed in a traffic accident. In some cases, these samples must be obtained from the hospital.


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