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Effective April 14, 2010, the names of deceased persons whose bodies have not been claimed by next of kin are are listed on a public access web site at  https://claimus.org/  

Included on that web site are cases which have occurred since January 1, 2003.

Usually, when a body is unclaimed, it is because the medical examiner has not been able to determine the names or contact information for family members or friends who may wish to claim the body for burial or other disposition. In other cases, the names of family or friends may be known but attempts to contact such persons have been unsuccessful.

If you are looking for a person who may be deceased but unclaimed, simply go to  https://claimus.org/ to where you can click the "Search" button and enter the person's name.

If you are looking to see if our office has investigated the death of a specific individual, please call our office and we can conduct a search for you.  


The list below includes unclaimed persons who died between 1995 and 2002:
For cases in 2003 and after, please check https://claimus.org  

95-0005 Sonny Walker, 67 year old Black Male.

95-0377 Maxwell H. Winston, 33 year old Black Male.

95-0496 Lopeleon H. Herring, 38 year old Black Male.

95-0903 Leo Trainer, 80 year old Black Male.

95-0959 Mary McGhee, 78 year old Black Female.

95-1156 Joe M. Gangl, 81 year old White Male.

95-1509 Darrell Myers, 49 year old White Male.

95-1820 Darrell Curtis, 38 year old Black Male.

96-0012 James Nash, 66 year old Black Male.

97-0297 John Hill, 88 year old Black Male.

97-0481 Johnny J. Reynolds, 58 year old Black Male.

97-1151 Don J. Johnson, 43 year old Black Male.

97-1164 Benjamin Wimberley, 67 year old Black Male.

97-1741 Charles Smith, 58 year old Black Male.

98-0009 John Presley, Black Male.   Died 1/2/98 of natural causes at his home at 1048 Mayson Turner Road, NW, in Atlanta.

98-1118 Anna Ahern (AKA Michelle Warren), 75 year old White Female.   Found dead of natural causes on 6/28/98 in her home at 1559 Wellswood Drive, SE, in Atlanta.

98-0251 Willie Robertson, 46 year old Black male.

98-0257 Rose Stein, 51 year old White Female.   Died 2/8/98 of natural causes outside her home at 835 Moreland Avenue, SE, in Atlanta.

98-0278 Marvin Crowe, 69 year old White male.

98-0311 Albert Benny Williams, 44 year old Black Male.   Died 2/16/98 of cocaine intoxication at his home at 12 Walthall Street, NE, in Atlanta.

98-0333 Bertis Moore, Jr, 71 Black male.

98-0436 Andrew Jerry Brown, 29 year old Black Male.   Died 3/9/98 after being struck by an auto at Interstate 285-N at Bolton Road, NW, in Atlanta.   Reported to be homeless.

98-0553 Cliffton Leigh, 30 year old Black male.

98-1009 Jessie Willis Bowens, 79 year old Black Male.   Died 6/13/98 in room 206 of the Town & County motel at 2380 Metropolitan Parkway in Atlanta.   Decedent had been living at the motel.

98-1278 Bessie Williams, 78 year old Black Female.   Died of natural causes on 7/26/98 at the Atlanta Manor, Inc., Personal Care Home on Moreland Avenue in Atlanta.

98-1285 Bennie Roy Bass, Jr., 39 year old Black Male.   Died on 7/27/98 at Grady Memorial Hospital after a three-day hospitalization for a head injury.   He lived at 515 University Avenue, Apartment B, in Atlanta.

98-1890 Nathanial Taylor 46 year old Black male.

99-0463 Johnny Lee Brown, Jr 45 year old Black Male.   Born 4/7/53.   Died 3/5/99 from hypothermia.   Found on the ground across the street from 156 Mills Street, NW in Atlanta.   Homeless.

99-0804 Mayo Barber 72 year old Black Male.   Born 12/23/26.   Found dead on 4/30/99 by Fulton County Marshals when they served an eviction notice at 380 Martin Street, Apt. 201 in Atlanta.   Died of probable atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

99-0859 Lawyer Bell 39 year old Black Male.   Born 4/26/69.   Died 5/12/99 after being struck by a vehicle when he tried to cross Interstate 75/85 near Freedom Parkway in Atlanta.

99-0923 Edith Louise Eyers   59 year old White Female. Born 2/4/40 Died 5/24/99
Resided in 4500 Block of Roswell Road- formerly from New York State.

99-1820 Frank Brewer 76 year old Black Male.   Born 7/23/23.   Died 11/1/99 of cardiovascular disease at Grady Hospital after having been discovered unconscious outside at 1792 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive by a passerby who called 911.   He lived at 1991 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Apt. A-12 in Atlanta.

00-0212 Albert Perry 54 year old Black Male.   Born 6/19/45.   Died 2/1/00 form head trauma after possibly falling from a parking deck at 45 Spring Street, NW in Atlanta, where he was found by an employee of a nearby business.   Homeless.

00-0855 Robert Young 76 year old Black Male.   Born 12/11/23.   Died 5/23/00 at Atlanta Medical Center after being admitted through the emergency room complaining of stomach pain.   Lived at 16 Howell Street in Atlanta.

00-1878 Otis Finch 72 year old Black male.   Born 11/20/28.   Discovered dead of natural causes in his apartment at 2950 Waters Road in Atlanta, GA on 11/29/00 during a welfare check.

00-2070 John Thomas Nichols 62 year old Black male.   Born 11/20/38.   Discovered dead of accidental injuries in his apartment at 1749 Pryor Road SW in Atlanta, GA on 12/27/00.

01-0052 Joe Garcia 48 year old Hispanic male.   Born 1/5/53.   Died 1/8/01 as an inpatient at Grady Memorial Hospital.   Struck by an automobile at Moreland Avenue and Hazelrig Drive SE in Atlanta, GA on 1/2/01.  

01-0218 Ravdelio Almager 58 year old Hispanic male.   Born 9/20/42.   Died 2/3/01 of complications of accidental burn injuries sustained 1/11/01 while a client of Nurse Care of Buckhead (Atlanta, GA).

01-0283 Sergio Marin Galvan 50 year old White male.   Born 11/26/50.   Died 2/16/2001 as an inpatient at Grady Memorial Hospital.   Admitted with blunt-force head trauma.   Struck by auto southbound at Spring St. and North Avenue, Atlanta, GA..

01-0362   Burnis Robert Joyner 42 year old Black male.   Born 6/9/58.   Died 3/2/2001 as an inpatient at Grady Memorial Hospital.   Admitted on 2/28/2001 with head trauma.   Struck by auto at I-75 and 85 at 311 Courtland Street, NE, Atlanta, GA.

01-0647   Charles William Thomas 43 year old Black male.   Born 8/18/57.   Died 4/25/2001.   Found in vacant building with blunt-force head trauma.

01-0797 Tony Gammuto 52 year old White male.

01-0905   Larry R. Davis 53 year old White male.   Born 9/25/47.   Died 6/8/2001 as an inpatient at Grady Memorial Hospital.   Admitted on 6/8/2001 with abdominal pain.

02-0235   Willie Knox 73 year old Black male.   2/10/2002

02-1123   Abdul Williams 26 year old Black male   07/27/2002

02-1132   Marvin Reid   68 year old Black male   7/28/2002


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