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Information gained from death investigations is useful for review, study, and publication of findings which may benefit the fields of death investigation, public health, public safety, medicine, the legal system, and law enforcement. Also, medical examiner staff serve on various committees or working groups which prepare publications, guidelines, or training materials relevant to death investigation. Below is a representative sampling of such publications and activities in which FCME staff have participated:

Programs and Projects

  • CDC Guidelines and training academies for Investigation of Sudden Unexplained Infant Deaths (SUIDI)
  • NIJ Medical Panel to review deaths associated with Electro-muscular Disruption Devices (EMDD)
  • NIJ NamUs system for web-based registries of unidentified decedents and missing persons
  • TIME Task Force for improved management of response to traffic fatality incidents
  • Child Fatality Review Teams
  • NAME Forensic Autopsy Performance Standards development
  • NCHS Medical Examiner/Coroners' Handbook for Death Certification
  • National Commission of Forensic Science (NCFS) Medicolegal Death Investigation Subcommittee
  • Scientific Working Group on Medicolegal Death Investigation (SWGMDI)
  • CDC Unexplained Death Program (CDC UNEX-MEDX)

Sample Publications

  • The Medical Examiner/Coroner's Guide For Contaminated Deceased Body Management
  • CAP Manual: Cause of Death and the Death Certificate: Important Information for Medical Examiners, Coroners, Physicians, and the Public
  • NAME: A Guide for Manner of Death Classification

In addition, FCME staff have been authors or co-authors of hundreds of publications over the past 35 years including medical journal articles, text books, manuals, and other types of publications. These can be accessed on Pub Med, Medline, or other medical and internet databases through searches for author name. Present and past FCME staff or trainee authors on these articles have included:

  • Robert Stivers
  • Saleh Zaki
  • John Feegel
  • Randy Hanzlick
  • Kris Sperry
  • Mark Koponen
  • Geoffrey Smith
  • Mark Guilbeau
  • Michele Stauffenberg
  • Michael Heninger
  • Melissa Pasquale-Styles
  • Eric Kiesel
  • Geroncio Fajardo
  • Mario Mosunjac
  • Joyce deJong
  • Jason Graham
  • Thomas Young
  • Gerald Gowitt

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