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Permits and Plan Review  reviews land disturbance permits and building permits for compliance with County regulations.  


  • Effective for 2016 Permits Fulton County is adding additional requirements for the Footing/Slab (100) inspection. See specifics below.
  • Effective immediately, Fulton County is adding additional requirements to the Building Rough (180) inspection including the addition of a separate insulation inspection prior to the installation of drywall. See specifics below.
  • Inspection Request Cutoff Time Change. Effective with inspections scheduled for Monday, January 11th the deadline to request inspections for the next business day will be 4pm the business day prior.
  • Effective Immediately, no Land Disturbance Plans will be reviewed unless they include the GSWCC Checklist, dated January 1, 2016.This is a requirement of the State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

New requirements for Footing/Slab (100) Inspections (2016 Permits) Link

New requirements the Building Rough (180) inspections:

  1. Effective immediately all Building Rough Inspections (180) will include verification of sealing of fire blocking, draft stopping, through-floor penetrations and pre-insulate.
  2. Prior to installation of drywall, Fulton County will now require an insulation inspection.

When the dwelling has passed all of the required elements of a Building Rough Inspection (including the new fire blocking requirements listing in #1 above), the inspector will provide a Partial-Approval for the Building Rough (180). Then prior to hanging any drywall you will be required to have an insulation inspection by requesting a Building Rough Inspection (180). Only after the dwelling has passed the insulation inspection will the home be given a Building Rough approval.

Building Inspection Services:

As of January 1, 2016, Nova Engineering and Environmental LLC (Nova) will be under contract with Fulton County to provide all residential and commercial building inspections and commercial plan review services for unincorporated Fulton County. We are planning for a smooth transition with Nova assuming all of the same inspection duties as were previously provided by Fulton County inspection staff. There will be no change to the type of inspections and required order of inspections. The only change to the provision of inspections is that Fulton County will now be able to provide Commercial Electrical inspections on a daily basis instead of twice weekly.

Private Professional Inspection Program (PPIP):

Effective January 1, 2016 that with the transition to Nova for all building inspections, Fulton County will be closing out the Private Professional Inspection Program (PPIP). Effective January 1, 2016, Fulton County will no longer authorize PPIP (3rd party private) inspections for 2016 permits. To provide for a transition, PPIP inspections will continue to be allowed for all 2015 permits. The PPIP Program Procedures will continue to apply to PPIP inspections.

Program Procedures

Program Inspection Result Form

Program Approved Firms

Program Utility Release Form





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