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Water Resources partners with the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (CRNRA) on a regular basis to bring water education to the citizens of Fulton County.   With 15 units situated along a 48 mile stretch of the Chattahoochee River, the CRNRA is a great place to learn about rivers, wetlands, water quality, watersheds, nature, and history, which makes them an ideal partner for Fulton County.  
Wildlife program with snakesIn celebration of National Drinking Water Week in May, the CRNRA partners with Fulton County and several other local municipalities to bring 4th grade students to the river for a fun-filled and educational water festival.   In May 2014, nearly 700 4th graders attended the festival to learn about the wonders of water!

Ranger leading kids on a hike along the riverThe CRNRA received grant funding for a Ticket to Ride program to bring 3rd grade students from Title 1 schools in Fulton County to the river for a fun day of learning.   In the Fall of 2014 we were able to bring the entire third grade class from four different schools to the Powers Island unit for a nature hike, hands-on learning activities, an educational puppet show and a picnic lunch.   CRNRA staff visited each school before and after the field trips, preparing the students for their visit and reinforcing the lessons learned in the field.  


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