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RepairmanFulton County has partnered with HomeServe to offer home protection solutions to protect our customers from the expense and inconvenience of water service line and sewer/septic line emergencies.  

Homeowners might not realize that it is their responsibility to maintain and repair the water and sewer lines that run between the house and the service connection.   If a leak or break occurs, the cost to repair or replace the line is the responsibility of the homeowner.   Plus, finding qualified help to make the repairs can be costly and time consuming.  

Fulton County wants our customers to be prepared and to have the best possible service in case of such an emergency.  

Commonly Asked Questions


  • Repairs made by local, licensed and insured technicians
  • All covered repairs guaranteed for one year
  • Access to 24/7 repair hotline
  • Low monthly cost with $0 deductible


Check out these handy water saving tips and this guide to detecting the signs of sewer or septic issues from HomeServe.


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