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Fulton County is actively engaged in promoting water conservation. In order to be responsible stewards of our limited water resources and to comply with the recommendations of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District (MNGWPD) Water Supply and Water Conservation Management Plan, the Department of Water Resources recognizes the benefits to both the customer and the environment of establishing a comprehensive Water Conservation Plan.

This Conservation Plan encompasses three distinct efforts. These are briefly defined as follows: decrease water demand (use less); improve system monitoring and maintenance (lose less); and provide reclamation (reuse).

Use Less
Fulton County is developing a comprehensive water conservation program to accomplish two primary goals: 1) reduce the day to day demand on the water distribution system in order to reduce the capital expenditures for system upgrades necessary for efficient operation and anticipation of growth and 2) delay the need for water treatment capacity and increased withdrawal permits from the areas water resources. Fulton County has in place outdoor water use restrictions and a conservation pricing structure.

Lose Less
As well as scheduled and as needed maintenance, Fulton County has a water meter change out program which systematically replaces the meters before they wear out, thereby ensuring accurate measurement. Also the Water Distribution staff has a leak detection program which searches for leaks which are not visible on the ground surface.

Fulton County has contracted with a private company to build and operate a treatment facility which was completed and placed in operation in April 2002. The plant initially produced up to 2.5 MGD of reuse quality water and is now expanding to 5 MGD. A distribution main was constructed to serve local golf courses and to provide the backbone of a reuse water distribution system to serve additional areas of the County in the future. The County recognizes the importance of reuse water as a means of protecting the valuable water resources of the region.


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