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The Wastewater Collection System Maintenance Section administers services and programs to ensure that the wastewater infrastructure operates in a reliable manner and is in full compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Download a convenient printable "who to call" list.

Customer Service and After Hours Sewer Emergency:

North Fulton - (404) 612-3061

South Fulton - (404) 612-3163

Please be prepared to give the following information:

1. Name
2. Telephone contact(s)
3. Location of the service request
4. Description of the service request

For additional help:

North Fulton:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Superintendent
11575 Maxwell Road
Alpharetta, GA   30009
(404) 612-9413 - Office
(404) 735-2813 - Cell
(404) 893-1902 – Fax

South Fulton:
Mike Loggins, Superintendent
7472 Cochran Road
College Park, GA 30349
(404) 612-0191 - Office
(678) 338-1682 - Cell
(404) 893-1903 Fax

Business Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm M-F

Cleanout Installation

A cleanout is simply a fitting which allows for maintenance personnel to easily access the sewer service lateral. At the request of the property owner and after all applicable fees have been paid, the County will install a cleanout device at the edge of the County’s easement or public right of way, normally 10 feet from the main sewer pipe or 10 feet from the curb. This device allows easier diagnosis when problems occur and cleaning of sewer laterals as necessary.

Notice to Plumbers- Repair and Maintenance of Sewer Service Laterals

Sewer Connection Policy

Fee Schedule

Root Control

Root intrusion is a common cause of stop-ups in sewer systems. Tree roots in the immediate vicinity of the sewer system, including the house service line, seek water and are attracted to the damp environment surrounding the piping. Even a tiny opening can allow the root to penetrate a pipe joint. As the roots grow, they force an enlargement of the opening until the root mass grows into the wastewater stream and blocks the flow.

With respect to service lines, the most vulnerable area is at the transition of the house line to the County supplied “stub out,” usually located at the edge of the County’s easement or public right of way (10 feet from the main or within 10 feet of the curb). Since this transition is the responsibility of the property owner, property owners should contact their plumbing professional for advice.

For a fee and at the request of the homeowner, the County could install a solid-bodied transition fitting with a cleanout at the connection. Please refer to Cleanout Installation above.


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