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Welcome to the Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness Provider Portal, your source for local public health preparedness information.

Medical providers play a significant role in responses to public health threats. By working together with local public health, medical providers, schools and community partners can ensure that in the event of a public health emergency, a well coordinated response ensues. Get engaged in public health for your patients, practice and community.

For information on the latest updates on H1N1 Influenza please go to the links below:

CDC H1N1 Flu Clinical and Public Health Guidance
Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Detection

A public health response to an outbreak may begin with a single phone call from an astute clinician (you)!

Notifiable Disease Reporting Form

Reporting notifiable diseases is critical in maintaining a healthy and safe community and it’s the law.

Report Notifiable diseases electronically using SendSS (link to http://sendss.state.ga.us/). Call today to schedule a training for your practice.


Cover Your Cough Poster

Hand Washing Poster

Fulton County Public Health Liaison Program Brochure


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