Fulton County Police Department - Out of Town House Check Form

Hello and thank you for requesting Police services from the Fulton County Police Department. Please take the time to complete the form below. This service is for residents of Unincorporated Fulton County. Please submit this form at least one week in advance.

This form is only a request for the officer to make regular stops by your residence based on availability. This form is not a guarantee that a burglary will not occur at your residence and it is recommended that you always take precautions by securing your property with locks, alarms, etc.

Please note all Fulton County Police Forms are for residents of Unincorporated Fulton County. Residents in other jurisdictions or municipalities should contact their appropriate law enforcement agency directly for assistance.

Atlanta Police Department

East point Police Department

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:
The Precinct Lieutenant
Old National Police Precinct
5615 Old National Hwy

Please the provide a list of the vehicles at the address. (Please specify Make, Model and Year)