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Fulton County Aging and Youth Services Department
Office of Children & Youth
Youth Commission Program Application
2017-2018 Term

Deadline for submission: Friday,May 19th 2017, by 5:30p.m.

In order to be considered, students must meet the following criteria:

• Submit this APPLICATION filled out in its entirety
• Submit a TWO PAGE ESSAY (as an attachment outlined below)
• Submit a one page typed NOMINATION STATEMENT from a teacher, counselor, principal, pastor/religious leader, or community member who has known the applicant for at least one year
• Must be in the 9th - 11th grade during the 2017 academic school year
• Must attend a Fulton County School, Atlanta Public School, Private or Charter within Fulton County lines
• Must be a Fulton County Resident

Nominator's Contact Information:

In your opinion!
What are the three most important issues facing youth today and how does it affect your generation? (One of these important issues must be used to develop your ESSAY)

Please attach below a nomination statement from a Teacher, Counselor, School Administrator, or Civic Leader.

Your file name cannot exceed 10 characters and must not contain spaces.

Please attach below a detailed two page essay in Times New Roman, font size 12. (Choose the most political issue facing youth today. Develop an organized essay that includes an introduction, a body with supportive ideas and a conclusion with a specific positive action you think will resolve issues facing youth today.)

Your file name cannot exceed 10 characters and must not contain spaces.