Drought Response Level Elevated In Fulton County | Print |
The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division has elevated the Drought Response Level to a Level 2 for 52 counties in the state, including Fulton, and called for a Level 1 Drought Response for an additional 58 counties.  As a result, Fulton County Public Works Department advises residents of watering restrictions that take effect immediately.  
During a Level 2 Drought Response:
• Outdoor landscape watering is only allowed two days a week determined by odd and even-numbered addresses.  
• Even-numbered addresses and properties without numbered addresses may water on Wednesday and Saturday between 4:00 PM and 10:00 AM
• Odd numbered addresses may water Thursday and Sunday between 4:00 PM and 10:00 AM  
Prohibited outdoor water uses include:  
• Washing hard surfaces such as streets and sidewalks.  
• Water for ornamental purposes, such as fountains.  
• The use of fire hydrants, except for firefighting and public safety.  
• Non-commercial washing of vehicles.  
• Non-commercial pressure washing.  
• Fundraising car washes.  
The following exempted uses are allowed daily and are not subject to the 4pm-10am or odd/even schedule, without restriction:  
• Commercial pressure washing  
• Drip irrigation or soaker hose
• Food gardens
• Hand watering (with a shut-off nozzle)
• Hydroseeding
• Installation and maintenance of an irrigation system
• Irrigation of public recreational turf areas
• Irrigation of plants for sale
• Irrigation of sports fields
• Water from private wells and bodies of water on property
• Water from an alternate source (grey water, rain water, air-conditioner condensate)
During installation and for the first 30 days after installation, newly planted/installed lawns and turf, ground cover, flowers, shrubs, trees and other plants can be watered any day, at any time without restriction.
Watering is allowed as needed twice a week between 4 pm and 10 am on an odd/even schedule:  even addresses and address with no numbers on Wednesday or Saturday and odd addresses on Thursday or Sunday using automated irrigation systems, hand watering (without a shut-off nozzle) and lawn sprinklers.  Also all ornamental fountains must be shut off.  
Fulton County has a comprehensive water conservation program in place and has made significant strides in water conservation by reducing water consumption, per capita, by more than 10% over the past several years. In order to ensure compliance with increased water restrictions, Fulton County Public Works will work with the Code Enforcement Division to deputize County employees to perform water patrol duties.  Fulton County will submit monthly reports to the EPD by the 10th of each month detailing the drought response strategies, the extent of implementation, and enforcement strategies, as applicable.  
Additional information about water conservation can be found at http://www.georgiawatersmart.com/