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265 Boulevard, NE

Atlanta, GA 30312

Telephone: (404) 613-1650

Fax: (404) 332-0455

Contact: Renee  Lee-Ferguson, Program Manager

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The Fulton County Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities serves individuals involved in the criminal justice system in collaboration with the Fulton County Sheriff's Department, Fulton County Jail, Court Administration, Fulton County State Magistrate Treatment Diversion Court, Fulton County Juvenile Court, Family Drug Court, Fulton County State DUI Court, and the Fulton County Superior Mental Health Court.

Jail Diversion Discharge Planning Unit

The Discharge Planning Unit is located inside of the Fulton County Jail. The unit houses three (3) jail diversion coordinators. The unit receives referrals from jail staff, the booking unit, conflict defenders, public defenders, medical staff, judges, etc. Staff reviews all referrals and provide a comprehensive assessment of each inmate referred for the program. The diversion coordinators develop a discharge plan based on the information collected during the comprehensive evaluation. The diversion coordinators present their findings and recommendations at the inmate’s hearing in the presence of the court staff and the presiding judge for the State Magistrate Treatment Diversion Court and the Superior Mental Health Court.

The Center for Health and Rehabilitation Outpatient Unit

The Center for Health and Rehabilitation Outpatient Unit operates Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM. The unit has licensed clinical staff that provides diagnostic assessments and clinical intervention for individuals experiencing a mental illness/co-occurring disorder that was released from jail through the courts back into the community. The staff provides clinical intake services for those individuals who have no other established mental health/substance abuse provider in the community in an effort to continue their mental health treatment which began inside of the Fulton County Jail.

Staff coordinates with the Discharge Planning Unit the release of inmates from the jail to the post diversion unit, schedules their appointments with the physician and nurse and all follow up visits and coordinates the monthly meeting for the clients released through the mental health courts. These meetings are held once a month with all participants in the program to introduce the new clients to BHDD services as well as reinforce the conditions of their release through the MH Courts.

Clinical staff facilitates group substance abuse treatment which includes the Level I, a one year program; and the Hybrid Program, a short-term 18 week prevention program. Staff provides individual counseling for those needing additional support, provides the urine drug screens for participants, and monitors their participation in AA/NA meetings.

The Center for Health and Rehabilitation provides one staff member to serve on the Family Drug Court Team as the clinical coordinator. The Family Drug Court Team consists of staff of the Fulton County Juvenile Court, DFACS, its legal counsel, the parent’s counsel, the Family Drug Court Child Advocacy Attorney and numerous community treatment providers.

Case Management Unit

The Case Management Unit has four (4) staff members. A case manager is assigned to each individual released through a mental health court upon referral. Case managers provide rehabilitative, environmental support and resource coordination for all of the individuals discharged from the jail. The case manager works very closely with the Discharge Planning Unit coordinators at the jail in an effort to assist in assuring that the discharge plan provides accurate information when it is presented in court.

Case managers arrange housing for the homeless, residential substance abuse treatment for those who need this level of care, monitor the housing arrangements to assure that the defendant’s needs are being met, make home visits, hospital visits, attend staffing with providers and the clients, monitor and assist with accessing needed resources for benefits, food stamps, medical care, psychiatric medications, family reunification, transportation, job readiness, etc. Those defendants who are hospitalized are monitored as well. The case managers provide the day to day monitoring and assistance needed to keep the defendants stabilized in the community.

Court Schedules

  • The Fulton County Juvenile Court, Family Drug Court - meets once a week on Wednesday at 1 PM at the Juvenile Justice Center, Judge Belinda E. Edwards, presiding. This is a 12 month voluntary program.
  • The Fulton County State Magistrate Treatment Diversion Court - held every Wednesday at 1 PM in Courtroom 2-C at the Justice Center, Judge Stephanie Davis or Judge Kimberly Warden, presiding. This is a voluntary 3-6 month program.
  • The Fulton County Superior Mental Health Court - held every other Friday at 10 AM in Courtroom 7F, Judge Doris Downs, presiding. This is a voluntary 18-24 month program.
  • The Fulton County State DUI Court - held the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 3 PM, Courtroom 2-F with Judge Susan B. Forsling or Judge Brenda Cole, presiding. This is a voluntary 12 month program.






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