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Steve Broadbent CCDR 06.30.2010

Steve Broadbent CCDR 09.30.2010

Steve Broadbent CCDR 10.25.2010

Steve Broadbent CCDR 12.31.2010


John Eaves CCDR 03.31.2010

John Eaves CCDR 06.30.2010

John Eaves CCDR 09.30.2010

John Eaves CCDR 10.25.2010

John Eaves CCDR 12.31.2010



Lori Henry CCDR 06.30.2010

Lori Henry CCDR 06.30.2010 (Amended 1)

Lori Henry CCDR 09.30.2010

Lori Henry CCDR 10.25.2010

Lori Henry CCDR 12.31.2010


Robb Pitts CCDR 03.31.2010

Robb Pitts CCDR 06.30.2010

Robb Pitts CCDR 09.30.2010

Robb Pitts CCDR 10.25.2010

Robb Pitts CCDR 12.31.2010



Liz Hausmann CCDR 06.30.2010

Liz Hausmann CCDR 09.30.2010

Liz Hausmann CCDR 10.25.2010

Liz Hausmann CCDR 12.31.2010


Lynne Riley CCDR 03.31.2010

Lynne Riley CCDR 06.30.2010

Lynne Riley CCDR 09.30.2010

Lynne Riley CCDR 10.25.2010

Lynne Riley CCDR 12.31.2010




Tom Lowe CCDR 03.31.2010

Tom Lowe CCDR 06.30.2010

Tom Lowe CCDR 09.30.2010

Tom Lowe CCDR 10.25.2010

Tom Lowe CCDR 12.31.2010




Emma Darnell CCDR 03.31.2010

Emma Darnell CCDR 06.30.2010

Emma Darnell CCDR 09.30.2010

Emma Darnell CCDR 10.25.2010

Emma Darnell CCDR 12.31.2010




Nancy Boxill CCDR 06.30.2010

Nancy Boxil CCDR 12.31.2010


Joan Garner CCDR 6 days before Primary Runoff 2010

Joan Garner CCDR 06.30.2010

Joan Garner CCDR 06.30.2010 (Amended 1)

Joan Garner CCDR 09.30.2010

Joan Garner CCDR 10.25.2010

Joan Garner CCDR 12.31.2010


David Holder CCDR 06.30.2010


Keisha Waites CCDR 06.30.2010

Keisha Waites CCDR 09.30.2010

Keisha Waites CCDR 12.31.2010



William Edwards CCDR 03.31.2010

William Edwards CCDR 06.30.2010

William Edwards CCDR 09.30.2010

William Edwards CCDR 10.25.2010

William Edwards CCDR 12.31.2010








Poll Information | Print |

One of our primary goals is to provide polling information as it relates to polling locations and polling hours. Through MVP, voters are able to confirm their polling location.




Department Profile and Overview | Print |

The Registration and Elections Department is responsible for conducting elections in Fulton County and registering voters who reside within Fulton County. The Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections has jurisdiction over the Department of Registration and Elections. The department is headed by a Director who is the chief administrative officer to the Board of Registration and Elections.

Three divisions of the Registration and Elections Department are positioned to carry out its programs as follows: 

The Elections Division is responsible for conducting national, state, county and municipal elections, maintaining campaign disclosure reports, and conducting school and organizational elections. This Division is also responsible for selection, preparation and equipping of polling places, precinct management (redrawing precinct lines), recruiting, training and assigning poll workers, and maintaining, preparing, distributing and retrieving voting equipment, and maintaining inventory of voting equipment and supplies.

The Administrative Division is responsible for the daily operations of the department; to include legislative actions, departmental budget preparation and monitoring, recruitment and employment screening/hiring, procurement, maintaining minutes of the Board of Registration and Elections, ensure compliance of Board policies, training and special projects; and handling any and all other administrative and personnel matters within the department. Additionally, the Division provides Voter Education and Outreach to citizens of Fulton County who require and are in need of such services.

The Registration Division is responsible for proper registration of all qualified residents of Fulton County. This division also maintains accurate master lists and prepares elector lists before elections, notifies electors of polling places when the county is reapportioned or a change is made in polling places, performs purges (criminal and deceased), voter identification, mails absentee ballots, verifies petitions and conducts high school and neighborhood registration.

Helpful Links | Print |
To ensure you receive the proper information regarding voting and the election process, the Fulton County’s Registration and Elections office provides additional online resources and web links for your convenience.
Candidate Information | Print |

Fulton County Registration and Elections is committed to providing  candidate qualifying  information, campaign contribution disclosure forms  to assist hopeful candidates.  In addition, voters can obtain  sample ballots to assist  in candidate selection in preparation  for Election Day. Click Qualifications  for a complete list of Candidate qualification and Disqualification criteria.

Conduct At Polling Place

Code 21-2-413

Restrictions on Campaign Activities

Code 21-2-414

All Personal Financial Disclosure Statements & Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports are now filed through Fulton County Elections office.

Notice of Candidacy and Affidavit

Election Calendar

Georgia Voter Information Guide

Voter Registration Information


Other Candidate Information Links:

Qualifying Information  



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