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FY15 - FY16 Priorities Committee   Process

2014 CAREWare Date for FY 16 Priorities

2014 Unit Cost for FY 16 Priorities

(GDPH) HIV Surveillance Part A

(SEATEC) 2011 Atlanta EMA HIV/AIDS Consumer Survey

(SEATEC) 2014 Atlanta EMA Unmet Need Analysis

FY13 and FY14 Allocations and Expenditures

FY14 Priority Allocations

FY14 Priority Rankings

FY15 Priority Allocations

FY15 Priority Rankings

FY15 Expenditures – Budget Closeout

FY15 Funding vs. FY14 Funding

AAOI Priorities Presentation Report

Support Services Food Priorities Committee Presentation

Grady Testing WABE Article – March 20, 2015


FY14 Project Narrative Atlanta EMA

Epi Table


Funding Availability

Unmet Need Framework

2007-2008 Consumer Survey Report

FOCUS Group Reports

Oral Health Feasibility Study

2007-2008 Consumer Survey Presentation  

 2008 HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Report


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