All Peope Are Safe

pa safeFulton County residents expect to be safe at home, at work and in their communities. In addition, they want their communities to be ready to handle public safety emergencies, ranging from fire to storms. Achieving the outcome that “all people are safe” requires that individuals and businesses take proactive steps to be prepared for these situations and that the County – in partnership with municipal and state agencies – also demonstrates preparedness, and responds quickly and effectively to incidents. Finally, residents expect the justice system – from the jails to the courts – to process cases in a fair, timely, and respectful manner.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the safety of the people of Fulton County, we have established a number of speciific objectives and related key performance indicators as a way to measure our success over time.


Key Performance Indicators

Our Objectives Our Measures

Compliance with Community Standards

Residents and businesses comply with community safety standards


  • Violent crime rate
  • Property crime rate
  • Number of residential code violations in Unincorporated Fulton County
  • Number of business code violations in Unincorporated Fulton County

Non-complier Accountability

Those who violate community standards are held accountable

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  • Percentage of crimes reported for which someone is arrested
  • Percentage of those arrested who are formally charged
  • Percentage of validated code violations resolved by the property owner

Responsiveness / Timeliness

The County's public safety system reposnds in a timely manner

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  • Percentage of emergency calls for service responded to within standard
  • Percentage of cases that move from arrest to filing of a charge within 90 days
  • Percentage of criminal cases that move from charge to disposition within 365 days
  • Percentage of reported code violations that are investigated within 48 hours

Repeat Violators / Offenders

Residents feel safer in their community

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  • Percentage of residents who report feeling safe in their community