All People Are Healthy

pa healthyCreating a healthy community depends on three key factors – the adoption of healthy behaviors by county residents, the availability and quality of the health care services that those residents receive, and the physical environment in which those individuals live, work and play. The County plays an important role in all three aspects. It educates and encourages residents to follow practices that lead to better health. It also provides direct care to many residents – at its facilities and through contracts with other organizations. Finally, Fulton County has a responsibility to deliver safe drinking water and wastewater services, ensure that residences and businesses are maintained in a manner that does not compromise public health, and monitor food establishments to make sure that they are operated consistent with healthy practices.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the health of the people of Fulton County, we have established a number of specific objectives and related key performance indicators as a way to measure our success over time.


Key Performance Indicators

Our Objectives Our Measures

Prevention for Wellness

Residents prevent ilness by engaging in helthier behavior


  • Percentage of residents who smoke
  • Percentage of residents who have a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or less
  • Percentage of pregnant women who make prenatal care visits
  • Percentage of residents 19-35 months of age who are adequately immunized

Rates of Disease / Medical Conditions

The rates of disease and unhealthy medical conditions are reduced


  • Percentage of residents with diabetes
  • Percentage of residents with cardiovascualr disease
  • Rates of HIV infection
  • Suicide rate

Access to Care

Residents have better access to care


  • Ratio of residents to primary care physicians in the county
  • Average wait time for emergency room visits at hospitals in the county
  • Percentage of adult residents with access to health care coverage
  • Average cost of health care

Environmental Conditions

Residents live in healthier conditions


  • Number of days with poor air quality
  • Number of health-based water violations
  • Number of sewer spills
  • Percentage of residents who have access to park or bike trail

Food as Medicine

Residents have better access to healthy food

Dashboard coming soon

  • Percentage of residents with access to healthy food
  • Percentage of residents who live in a community with low density of fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and liquor stores
  • Percentage of restuarants
  • Number of restuarant inspections completed on time