ph eoFulton County plays an important role in creating the right environment to stimulate economic growth and develop an able workforce. The County serves as a key connector between the business community, education providers, job seekers, and the municipal governments who serve them. It is the County’s responsibility to ensure that public resources are aligned in the effort to support business growth and develop the skills and training of the workforce.

As part of our commitment to provide economic oppoortunities to the residents of Fulton County, we have established a number of speciific objectives and related key performance indicators as a way to measure our success over time.


Key Performance Indicators

Our Objectives Our Measures

Business Development

The number and size of businesses in the county is growing


  • Number of new and lapsed business licenses
  • Number of lapsed business licenses
  • Total commercial tax revenue
  • Percentage change in commercial tax revenue
  • Percent increase in people employed by Fulton County businesses

Business Climate

The perception of the business climate is improving


  • Percentage of businesses who say that Fulton County is a great place to do business
  • Percentage of combined jurisdictional budget expernditures on transportation in Fulton County (cities, county and state)
  • Percent of residents' time spent in traffic
  • Gigabit broadband coverage


More people are working, and they are earning more


  • Employment rate
  • Median income
  • Income distribution index
  • Employment rate for males 18 - 34

Workforce Readiness

The workforce skills of residents are increasing


  • Percentage of residents with a high school diploma or GED
  • Percentage of residents with a college degree (2-year, 4-year, advanced degrees)
  • Percentage of residents with a technical credential
  • Percentage of high school students graduating and enrolling in post-secondary education