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The Fulton Family Care Network consists of many organizations that are dedicated to joining forces with the single goal of providing comprehensive wrap-around services to children and youth in Fulton County. Georgia.  Since the Fulton Family Care Network was initially established in January 2009, the number of collaborative partners continues to expand.

Below is the current list of partners in the network:

1.) Fulton County Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities - provides mental health, substance abuse and developmental disabilities services to Fulton County residents of all ages.  Website: www.livebetterfulton.org.

2.) Fulton County Department of Health & Wellness - offers public health services for Fulton County residents.  Website: www.fultoncountygahealth.org.

3.) The Center for Health & Rehabilitation/Office of Children & Youth - offers a wide variety of health services for children and youth.  Websites: www.fultoncountyga.gov & www.fultoncountygahealth.org.

4.) Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System - the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System provides free access to various resources, ideas, programs and information.  Website: www.afpls.org.

5.) Fulton County Juvenile Court - the Court is dedicated to care, safety, guidance, development, and accountability of children and their families.  Website: juvenile court

6.) Fulton County Police Department - the Department's mission is to preserve lives, protect property, and maintain order.  Website: http://fultonpolice.org

7.) Fulton County District Attorney's Office - the mission of the Fulton County District Attorney's office is to prosecute all felony crimes on behalf of Fulton County residents in efforts to make a safe community.  Website: http://atlantada.org.

8.) Fulton County Department of Housing and Community Development - the objective of this agency is to establish suitable working conditions and provide safe, affordable housing opportunities to the citizens of Fulton County.  Website: www.fultoncountyga.gov.

9.) Fulton County Department of Family & Children's Services (DFCS) - provides numerous support services and innovative programs to help abused children and troubled families.  Website: http://dfcs.dhr.georgia.gov

10.) Fulton County Department of Juvenile Justice - provides supervision, detention, and a wide range of treatment and educational services for youth referred to the department by the Juvenile Court.  This agency also provides assistance or deliquency prevention services for at-risk youths through collaborative efforts with other public, private and community entities.  Website: www.djj.state.ga.us

11.) Georgia Parent Support Network - provides support, advocacy, and education for families that have children (youth) with mental illness or emotional disturbances and behavioral differences.  Website: www.gpsn.org

12.) CHRIS KIDS - delivers a briad continuum of services to children, youth and families that allows them to reach their natural potential for success, happiness, and health.  Website: www.chriskids.org

13.) East Point Community Action Team (EP-CAT) - empowers the community to take action by building partnerships that develop resources in the community, and connects residents to resources.  Website: www.ep-cat.org

14.) Fulton County Schools - Fulton County Schools works with children to learn their full potential, engage parents in the educational process, and teach every student to be responsible and productive.  Website: www.fultonschools.org

15.) Atlanta Public Schools - the Atlanta Public Schools is committed to see all students graduate ready for success in college andlife through providing high-performance learning environments and excellent teachers.  Website: http://www.atlanta.k12.ga.us

16.) Atlanta Fulton Family Connection (AFFC) - part of the Georgia Family Connection partnership, is a collaborative authority in Fulton County designed to convene various partners (government, private business, non-profit, family, etc) to leverage resources to improve social services, and to develop strategies to address community concerns that affect families and children.  Website: http://www.juvenilejusticefund.org/programs/commcoll//affc.aspx

17.) Fulton County Department of Human Services - the Department assists government and citizens in working together to build strong resilient communities while providing a range of services responsive to the broad spectrum of human needs.  Website: www.fultonhumanservices.org

18.) The Jane Fonda Center - the mission is to advance scientific knowledge about adolescence with an emphasis on adolescent reproductive health.  Activities of the Center include education and training, research, evaluation, policy development, patient care, as well as program and materials development.  Website: http://janefondacenter.emory.edu/about/ 

19.) Sheltering Arms - an early childhood education program that provides affordable childcare and comprehensive family suport, including parent education and advocacy.  Website: www.shelteringarmsforkids.com

20.) Bagley Youth Development - provides a wide array of comprehensive services to address and support the needs of youth and their families.  Website: http://bydlle.tripod.com

21.) Family Ties - provides intensive home-based counseling and community integrated services to impact and achieve positive family centered outcomes.  Website: www.familytiesinc.com

22.) Georgia Center for Child Advocacy - provides collaborative services to champion the needs of sexually and severely physically abused children under the age of 17 through prevention, intervention, and therapy.  The services are offered for free to children and families that either reside or were abused in Fulton or DeKalb County.  This agency also assists in the investigation of abuse cases.  Website: www.georgiacenterforchildadvocacy.org

23.) Hillside - provides integrated services to address the complex needs of children and families, including counseling, support, education, and housing services.  Website: www.hillside.com

For more information about the Fulton Family Care Network, please contact Sheree Gardner at (404) 612-7488, or by email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .













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