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Residents throughout Fulton County identified transportation as the single most important issue facing the metro Atlanta region in the 2015 Metro Atlanta speaks survey conducted by the Atlanta Regional Commission. 

“On July 20, Fulton County Chairman John H. Eaves and the mayors of 13 cities have signed an Intergovernmental Agreement that clears a hurdle for a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for Transportation purposes to go before voters.  On August 9, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners met to formally call for the item to be placed on the November 8 ballot. “

Voters outside the city of Atlanta will consider a 0.75¢ sales tax that would authorize transportation projects like roads, bridges, sidewalks, traffic signals, and more.  Each Fulton County city, as well as unincorporated Fulton, has selected projects that are important to that community. 

Voters inside the city of Atlanta will have the chance to consider two different sales taxes. One would be 0.5¢ and would be designated for MARTA and transit in general and the other 0.4¢ sales tax would be allocated for  transportation projects (T-SPLOST), for a total of 0.9 cents in the City of Atlanta.

This website provides information about the T-SPLOST initiative, including an overview of the legislation that made this initiative possible, potential projects, upcoming meetings, and more.

Oversight for the implementation of the proposed tax would be established if the tax passes.  Fulton County and the cities could create a Fulton Transportation Investment Citizen’s Oversight Council.   This Council would oversee the progress and implementation of the program.  They would furnish annual reports to the Board of Commissioners and each Mayor of the cities within the County. The Council will consist of 14 total members with one appointee for each City and one member appointed by the Fulton County Commission. The Annual Report will include a complete list of projects and the progress of the projects. 

Complete Project list for North Fulton in One Document

Complete Project List for South Fulton in One Document

Resolution for 0.75% Sales Tax approved by Board of Commissioners on 8/9/16

TSPLOST Presentation

Master TSPLOST List

Signed Intergovernmental Agreement with 13 Cities and Unincorporated Fulton

November 8, 2016 Fulton County Sample Ballot

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