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QUALITY ASSURANCE TASK FORCE - Responsible for preparing and updating the Board's Comprehensive Long Range Plan; reviewing the needs of the local labor market; developing strategic plans; reviewing program performance; establishing and benchmarking performance measures for the system; reviewing on-site program contractor monitoring reports; assisting with the review and  recommendations on Memorandums of Understanding and Request for Proposals; reviewing the Board’s financial reports monthly.

Responsible for developing and updating "Individual Training Account' (ITA) policies and procedures; developing and updating ITA voucher system; and developing and updating training provider certification and monitoring where appropriate.


BOARD DEVELOPMENT TASK FORCE - Responsible for training and involving current members; identifying, recommending, recruiting and orienting new members; planning and recommending officer succession; defining and refining Task Forces and Task Force membership; developing Bylaws for Board approval


BOARD VISIBILITY AND INFLUENCE TASK FORCE - Responsible for developing a comprehensive approach to meet the needs of employers within the market area, identifying key stakeholders and developing partnerships to foster long-term business alliances across industry lines.


YOUTH COUNCIL - Responsible for planning and raising visibility of youth activities and services for youth; recommending providers of youth services and activities; developing portions of the local plan related to youth; sharing information about youth initiatives underway in the region; identifying issues and challenges relating to youth programs and activities; and developing and monitoring implementation of strategies for youth as defined in the Comprehensive Long Range Plan. Youth Council members are non-voting members of the Board


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Between meetings of the Board of Directors, the business and affairs of the Fulton County Workforce Preparation and Employment System may be directed by the Executive Committee, which is composed of the officers and such directors and chairs of such Task Forces as agreed upon by a majority vote of the Directors then in office.  This committee will be responsible for developing planning process, assisting with performance measures, and initiating financial oversight in advance for full board review. All action taken by the Executive Committee must be ratified by the full Board of Directors.


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