Lora Andrews

Lora Andrews

Deputy Legal Assistant, High Profile Cases and Difficult Witness Division

Born and raised in Mississippi, Lora Andrews credits a high school teacher with seeing something special in her and steering her toward her local District Attorney’s Office – the Fourteenth Circuit Court. During her time in the D.A.’s Office, Lora learned and thrived by working alongside prosecutors, fellow employees, court staff, and other criminal justice partners within the circuit, which covered three counties. She saw firsthand the important work of the criminal justice system and developed a passion for serving which has only grown with time.

After moving to Georgia, Lora continued her career in criminal justice at the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in 2001. During her time in the office, she has worked in various departments: including the Records Room, Complaint Room, Gang Unit, Asset Forfeiture Unit, and currently Major Crimes Division. She has participated in projects over the years and has trained numerous employees and interns.

Lora attended Southwest Mississippi Community College, Clayton State University, and the University of Phoenix Online where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and a Paralegal Studies diploma.

Lora has two young adult children, and she is a member of the Christian faith.